Tooty gonna trade this Potion from Gruntilda, so she accept it and then she drink and now she's dead

Next Day

Kazemon and her friends made it and saw Bottle, Jarjams, and everyone crying

Kazemon: What's wrong?

Bottles: Tooty.

They look at the Coffin and they look shock

Mumbo Jumbo: She's very nice to us.

Humba Wumba: And she loveliest girl I know. (crying)

Captain Blubber: She is so nice. And now she's gone!

They are crying for her

Beetlemon: How did this happen to her?

Boggy: Gruntilda, of course. He trade the Potion to Tooty for her evil plan, he said it make her dreams comes true, and then for that. She can't wake up for her eternal Sleep.

Socerymon: Is there anyway we can help her?

Jolly Dodger: There is Banjo. He is Tooty's brother. and I think he left with Kazooie yesterday.

Mr Fit: Well, we cannot sit around and do nothing. Beside I can go that Lair and face it like a man!

Trophy Thomas: You can't! What happen if you get Kidnap from them.

Jinjo: Well, we have to do something to save Tooty!

Kazemon: Maybe.... Maybe we should go find Banjo and Kazooie.

Bottles: You sure?

Beetlemon: Of course, we'll do what we can.

Jarjams: Okay, good luck.

They went off to find Banjo and Kazooie

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