Antarui arrived in Bikini Bottom and he saw Sandy Crying

Antarui: Alright, you okay?

Sandy: (Crying) Is just that... My friends made me this Invention, but it was ruined, thanks to Plankton! And almost looking forward to win that contest.

Antarui: I see. Darkness always finds a way into a wounded heart. You have to be strong. Strength of heart will carry yu through the hardest of trails.

Sandy: But I....

Then Unversed appeared

Antuari: Unversed!

He is fighting and he fight them

Sandy: I cannot believe.... This happen.

Then a Cloudy has shown

Neptune: Strength of heart is important, but that's not all you need.

Then King Neptune appeared

Sandy: There is nothing I could believe in... Nothing.

Neptune: Nothing, Citizen? Oh, no, you don't really mean that.

Sandy: Oh... But I was. It's just no use.

Neptune: Nonsense! If you'd last all your faith, I couldn't be here, and here I am.

Sandy: (Gasp) King Neptune!

Neptune: Come on, Sandy. You can't go to the contest won't your gizmo looking like this.

Sandy: The Contact? But, my Invention I...

Neptune: That's okay, I know how to help you.

He use power on Sandy and her Invention is fixed

Sandy: (Gasp) My Invention is Repair!

Neptune: That's right. Thank to my power. And listen carefully, you 2 Hours before 12:00 Clock. Until you're Invention would be like this.

Sandy: I will, thanks.

She went off to the Contest

Antuari: Her heart was full of light. Why didn't I notice that? Excuse me, Sir. What did you just do?

Neptune: Who are you?

Antuari: I'm Antuari.

Neptune: Antuari. I use my power for Sandy, to make her dreams comes true. And Antuari, in your heart, do you believe that dreams can come true?

Antuari: I was. But I also believe you have to make an effort to make them come true.

Neptune: Well, of course. But sometimes just believing in dreams is easier said than done. Sandy Cheeks believed her dreams can come true. I just wanted her to make her happy.

Antuari: So that's what make her shine- faith in her heart that anything is possible. Where did she go?

Neptune: Downtown. The Festival has begun. Go there and see her win, you'll know that she believes and that will help you to believe, too.

Antuari: Okay, thank you.

He went to the Downtown

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