At Sandy's Treedome

She look at the Poster of the Contest

Sandy: Oh boy, it will take some time for me to finish it.

Patrick: Sandy! Sandy!

He arrived at his Treedome

Sandy: Howdy, Patrick? What's wrong?

Patrick: There is someone new in Bikini Bottom.

Sandy: Really? That's great?

Patrick: And they also in the Cage from Plankton over there.

Sandy: What? Oh no.

They went off

Sparx and Gibson are in the Cage

Sparx: Where are we, Gibson?

Gibson: I don't know.

They Finally Realize

Sparx: Somebody tell us why we're in a CAGE!!!

Then Sandy and Patrick let them out

Sandy: Here you go. Wow! I never seen a Robot here in Bikini Bottom.

Sparx: Bikini Bottom?

Sandy: Patrick. Why don't you go ask them.

Patrick: Alright.

He approach 

Patricia: Hmm... you look kinda cool like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Maybe... you guys should help Sandy, there. What do you saying?

Sparx: Sure.

Gibson: Okay.

They left the Cage

Sandy: Wow! You made a friend of Robot Monkey. That's great! I'm Sandy Cheeks.

Patrick: I'm Patrick Star.

Sparx: I'm Sparx.

Gibson: And I'm Gibson.

Patrick: Okay, you guys. If you need some help, I'll help you.

Sandy: Well, I better go. Get some Supplies, I'll be back at my Treedome.

She left

Sparx: Man, I think she needs some help.

Patrick: I tried to help her. But she said, she can do this on her own.

Gibson: Well, it look like she's busy for something.

Patrick: Well, my best friends wants her to be at the Krusty Krab. But she wants to the contest for her dream.

Sparx: That's sound like someone we know.

Flashback has started

Antuari: Being an Animal Warrior is all I've dream about.

Flashback has ended 

Sparx: Hey, maybe you can help us find him. His name is Antuari. You seen him?

Patrick: Nope, sorry.

Gibson: Well, it was worth a shot.

Sparx: Yeah.

Patrick: Come on, follow me. You can come to Spongebob's House.

He left

Sparx: Wait for us!

They went to Spongebob's House and they look at the View

Sparx: You're Best Friend's house is a Pineapple?

Patrick: Yeah. And look over there. That's Bikini Bottom, and over there is the Krusty Krab.

Sparx: Is Sandy going to the Krusty Krab?

Patrick: Not really.

Then Sandy came to Spongebob's House

Sandy: Spongebob! Where is he?

Patrick: He's not here. He's still at the Krusty Krab.

Sandy: Aw, I just want to show him my Blueprint for my Invention. I guess I have to wait.

They saw Sandy look happy

Sparx: You're look so happy, Sandy.

Sandy: Of course, I'm going to the Contest for me to win. And I guess dreams really do come true. I better get some material and my tool at my Treedome, bye.

She left

Patrick: Aw, man. Poor Sandy... she's never gonna make to the Contest

Gibson: How come?

Patrick: You'll see. She's needs some parts for her Invention. We don't have any material for those. We search, search, search. She'll never gonna win that contest.

Gibson: Wait, I got an idea! Patrick, we will help you.

Patrick: Really?

They nodded means Yes

Patrick: Great! For what?

Gibson: To finish Sandy's Invention for the Contest. And we have to find some material and Tools to finish.

Sparx: So how can we get those?

Patrick: Look around Bikini Bottom. There are many material and Tools we need to get.

Gibson: Alright. We'll go find whatever we need. Patrick, you put all the materials over there, even all the Tools at the Toolbox.

Patrick: Alright. 

They left the House

Patrick: Guys! Be careful of the Jellyfish!

Sparx: Jellyfish?

Patrick: Yeah. Jellyfish around Bikini Bottom, you better be careful not to get stung.

Sparx: We won't!

They went off to get some Material and Tools for Sandy's Invention 

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