They were inside Cortex Ship

Ace: Where are we?

Daffy: I don't know. But we have to find out.

They saw a Crash Bandicoot run for something

Wile: What is he doing?

Tax: (Gibberish)

Daffy: Well, anyway we have to follow him.

They are following him and they lost him and they saw Tiki name Aku-aku

Ace: Is that a Tiki?

Aku-aku: Yes. And I am Aku-aku.

Daffy: Ah! It talked?

Aku-aku: Yes. I am. Thank you for picking up, my friend, Crash has forgot about me.

Wile: You're welcome.

Aku-aku: Now.... I better go find him.

Ace: Wait! Maybe we can go with you.

Aku-aku: You sure?

They nod at him

Aku-aku: Okay. You can come me.

They all followed him to find Crash

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