This is how Aqua and her friends arrived in Dreamland in Ryan's Quest: Birth By Sleep.

(Aqua and her friends arrived in Dreamland and look at the Festival)

Aqua: This looks like a Festival.

Tiff: It is, I'm Tiff.

Tuff: I'm her brother, tuff. And this is Kirby.

Kirby: Poyo.

Aqua: What a cute boy, he is.

Tiff: That's very kind of you.

Stealth Elf: So what is this Festival for?

Tiff: We're celebrating the Festival of Dreamland, where we have alot of fun around Cappy Town.

Jet-Vac: I say, this looks like fun.

Tiff: It is, and we're gonna start the show in 1 hour.

Aqua: Alright, I think we're be ready for it.

(Hour later)

Tiff: Thank you, everyone! It's great for you all to be here, welcome to the Festival of Dreamland. And we're gonna have some fun here. Let me introduce everyone to Aqua, Stealth Elf and Jet-Vac.

(They cheered to them)

Aqua: Aw, thanks.

Tiff: And King Dedede.

(They boo at him)

Dedede: Shut up!

Fololo: Okay, this challenge is for Jet-Vac and Dedede to help the People of Dreamland.


Falala: It looks like the winner is Jet-Vac!

Fololo: Alright, next challenge is for Stealth Elf and Escargoon to collect rare items!


Falala: It looks like Stealth Elf has alot of rare item then, and she's the winner!

Fololo: Okay, for the last Challenge is for Aqua to play the Guitar.

Dedede: The Guitar? Hmm, Maybe I should make her lose this challenge and that will make it like an accident.

(Dedede is planting the bomb inside the fake Guitar)

Dedede: When she plays this, she'll go flying to Kirby. [chuckles]


Aqua: Wow. I hope I can play this.

(She play the guitar and play it wrong)

Dedede: D'oh! You got it wrong! Try again!

(She try it again and she still play it wrong)

Dedede: Grr! Give me that, girl! Like this!

(He push Aqua away and play the guitar currently and then it got explode)

Fololo: Well, it looks like Dedede Lost. And the Winner goes to Aqua and her friends!

Aqua: Thank you, everyone.

(They are celebrate to them and they left this world)

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