This is how our Heroes arrived in Hill Valley and how they fight the Heartless in Ryan's Quest.

Our Heroes arrived in Hill Valley at night

Ryan: Where are we?

Crash: I don't know, this place looks like from the 50's.

Sci-Ryan: It is. Let's look around.

[They look around town and they saw a Boy named Marty McFly who ride the Skateboard]

Evil Ryan: Hey, kid.

Marty: Huh?

He fell of his Skateboard

Ryan: Whoa! Are you alright?

Marty: Yeah, and you might be?

Ryan: I'm Ryan. And these are my friends. Matau, Crash, Bertram, Sonata, Adagio, Aria, Sci-Ryan, Evil Ryan, Evil Anna and Spikewave.

Marty: I'm Marty McFly. But you can call me, Marty.

Ryan: Sure. So what are you doing?

Marty: I came here to get some Invention for Doc. And I need one of those. On my List. It's Paint, Wheels, Tools and a Blueprints.

Ryan: Can we help you?

Marty: Yeah, you should come with me.

They follow him, and they saw the Heartless

Marty: What are those?!

Ryan: Heartless! Marty, hope you know how to fight!

They are fighting them and they defeated them, and they found all the Item for Doc's Invention

Marty: That's all of them. Let's head back to Doc.

They went off to see him at the Twin Pines Mall to met Doc and they found Him

Marty: Doc, I got the Item you want.

Doc: Marty, oh. Who are they?

Ryan: Hi there, I'm-

Doc: Great Scott. You speak normal. Hmm... It looks like you became friends with Marty and you here see my Invention?

Ryan: So what is your Invention you called?

Doc: It's called the Flying Car. I have demonstrated at the Expo in Hill Valley.

Ryan: And what about those Heartless around the Town?

Doc: It's that what you call them? The Heartless came to Hill Valley a moment ago, and I cannot let them ruined the Expo. So build the Flying Car for the Expo. And I have to test it.

He test the Flying Car and it didn't work

Doc: It Failed! Maybe, we were missing something, Oh! I got it! It's need some electricity. But, I don't have enough power to get it started. And Marty, I need you to find the Plutonium. It's at my House, so go get it.

Marty: Alright, I'll be back. Ryan, should I come with you again?

Ryan: Ok. Let's go.

They went to Doc's House and they found the Plutonium, they are heading back and Biff took the Plutonium

Biff: I'll be taking this Box, Butthead.

Marty: Biff! Give that back!

Biff: Nah! Bye!

He left

Marty: Great! Now we have to get it back from him!

They went off and then they saw him Captured by the Large Heartless in Town

Ryan: Oh, great. Now he's been captured by the Heartless.

Marty: Let's go save him.

They are fighting it and they defeated it and Biff give them the Plutonium

Ryan: And hope you learn your lesson, Biff.

Crash: And where will the Keyhole be?

They saw a Keyhole at the Clock Tower, Ryan aim it and now it sealed

Minutes Later

Doc: It's look like Expo has been canceled... Looks like have to wait from next year.

Ryan: Yeah. We better get going. Friends out there needs me.

Marty: Hope you can come back to Hill Valley again.

Ryan: See you!

Doc: Bye!

They all left Hill Valley

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