They all arrived in Hogwarts and they dress up like them

Ace: Where are we? And why do we wear these Clothes?

Daffy: I think this one is a Special World.

Wile: Well, wherever we are. Let's go to that Castle.

They went to the Castle and they saw Heartless, but they are not fighting them and then they saw Harry Potter and his Friends

Harry: Look, everyone. All the Heartless is having fun in Hogwarts.

Hermione: I know, Harry. Look at them.

They saw all the Ghost Heartless having fun

Ron: This is great in Hogwarts. And this Year will be perfect for this year.

Harry: That's Right, Ron. But their Movement still need some work. They didn't dance very good. I want them to dance properly. And we better go see Snape.

Ron: Alright. Let's go see him.

They left and our Heroes is following them

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