Our Heroes are wearing Hogwarts outfit and saw a Sign

Ace: Hey, this is Hogwarts.

Wile: Looks like we're going to see Harry Potter.

They saw a Decorations in Hogwarts 

Ace: What's that?

Daffy: Decoration? I wonder what they are?

They went to Castle and saw Harry and his friends playing Snow Ball

Ron: Harry! Look!

Harry: Ace! Daffy! Wile! Taz! Welcome to Hogwarts! And Merry Christmas.

Ace: Merry Christmas. So why is Hogwarts have many snow.

Harry: It's December. Of course. We decoration everything in Hogwarts for celebration. Aren't they look great? And even though we have a new Professor to replace Snape. It was Professor Lupin.

Ace: Professor Lupin?

Wile: I think he's the new Teacher in Hogwarts.

Harry: That's right. And we have to visit Snape. Come on.

Wile: So, today is Christmas in Hogwarts. Yeah.

They look around and they look scared from the Ghost

Ace: Wanna go see him.

All: Fine.

Hermione: Hurry up!

They went to see Snape

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