Koume and Kotake are on top of the tree and they saw Shoutmon and his friends coming

Whisper: Look, we're here in Hyrule!

Komasan: Hmm, I wonder how Link and Zelda are doing?

Shoutmon: Hey, maybe my our friends is with them.

Whisper: Of course, and Fuyunyan, Robonyan and Bushinyan.

Jibanyan: Keep dreaming, you two.

Shoutmon: Come on, Jibanyan. You were thinking the same thing.

Jibanyan: No I wasn't, nyan!

Komasan saw Koume and Kotake

Komasan: Monge!! It's... it's.... It's... Koume and Kotake!

They bring out their weapons

Koume: Wait! You got a Mistake for this!

USApyon You're Witches, Alright!

Kotake: No! It's not the Old is! We have a Changed of Heart! We're nice! No more Scams. Promise!

Shoutmon: Bet that you're new scam?

Koume: You have to believe us!

Jibanyan: Come on, let's go, nyan!

Koume: We were stuck inside that Ocarina with Ganondorf! Remember? We got out of there 2 Years ago.

Shoutmon: So, witches are free.

Jibanyan: Have fun, nyan!

Whisper: Guys! They look so sad.

Koume: Three Months ago. We want to Apologize, Zelda and link. Could you guys maybe say good word for me?

Komasan: Of course, we can do that, can't we, Zura?

Then Heartless Appeared

Both: Look out!

They are fighting them, and then defeated them and more of them shows up

Shoutmon: (Sigh) I'm getting kinda tired for this.

Then the Heartless is attack Koume and Kotake, they ran away screaming and wreck something around the area, and hit the Heartless

Shoutmon: That way!

They went to the Warehouse

Whisper: Whew, we were a goner if those witches hadn't helped us. Ain't that right, huh?

Shoutmon: I guess we own you one.

Both: Thanks!

Gumdramon: But you have to apologize to Link and Zelda yourself. Be on your best behaviour, got it?

Kotake:: Alright, we got it.

Komajiro: Where IS Link and Zelda, anyway?

Koume: I think they went to the Castle.

Shoutmon: Then let's find them!

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