At Hyrule

Myotismon: And the Crest?

Ganondorf: The Heartless are searching every in Hyrule. So that just leaves...

Then two witches has appeared

Koume: Your evilness. We look every for Zelda. She disappeared like magic.

Ganondorf: That girl is so much trouble then she's worth.

Myotismon: Patience, Ganondolf.

Ganondolf: My world is filled with holes for rats like the forest boy to hide in. But why worry about her? With or without her, surely this world will be ours when we find the Crest.

Myotismon: We need all nine Digidestined of heart to open the final door. Any fewer is useless.

Ganondorf: Don't worry, you know I don't fail so easily. If the girl is that important, we’ll find her. Find Zelda, and bring her to me

Myotismon: Don't steep yourself in darkness too long, Ganondorf. The Heartless consume the careless.

Ganondorf: Hmph! Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary, I assure you.

They didn't saw Sheik hiding

Back to our Heroes, they are fighting the Heartless and then they saw Sheik

Sheik: Who are you? Are you from around here?

Minutes Later

Sheik: I'm Sheik, one of the last remaining Sheika of an Ancient Tribe.

Shoutmon: So what are you doing here?

Sheik: Because Hyrule is in Danger, Ganondorf has taken over the Kingdom long time ago. This place used to live be the King and Queen. They have a daughter name Zelda, who held a special power, but then Ganondorf shows up.

Gumdramon: Who's Ganondorf?

Sheik: You don't know? He was fixed for the king, when he was able to access to the sacred realm, known as the Temple of time. Ganondorf came across the Heartless and used their power to shroud the world in Darkness. And he's searching for a Crest. But there's a hero of time who can stop Ganondorf

Damemon: Who? Who can stop him?

Sheik: The Hero of Time is gonna Stop Ganondorf and save the Kingdom. And I hope Link is still already.

Ganondorf: Link? Now where might I find that stupid boy.

They saw him on top of the building

Ganondorf: Sheik, my dear friend. We don't we just find out where Zelda's Whereabout in a most suitable place.

Shoutmon: Sheik! Get out of here!

He ran away

Ganondorf: Oh... The Digimon Mystic, Warrior and Guardian.

He summon the Heartless, they are fighting them and they ran off to find link

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