They made it and they saw the land

Gumdramon: Whoa! This place has

Whisper: Lots of lands.

They heard Screaming

Damemon: We have Trouble.

Komasan: Organization 15 Digimon?

Jibanyan: Or the Heartless?


DemiDevimon: Aztec Treasure, Huh?

Ruskin: And thanks to the curse put on it, we are neither among the living or the dead.

DemiDevimon: Really? Cause you look alive to me.

Ruskin: Yes. But the Moonlight.

The Moonlight has appeared and they turned into undead 

DemiDevimon: Whoa! Now I get what you were saying... Well, if you see 5 Yo-Kai and three Digimon, and remember. They got a kind of magic that don't belong in this world, okay? And nobody knows what it will do to you. Especially when the moon's showing what you reply are.

They turned back to normal

Ruskin: A match for me, you say?

Then our Heroes have arrived

Shoutmon: Hey!

DemiDevimon: See? I knew it! Those are guys I told you.

Shoutmon: Hey! We have our names here. It's Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon, Jibanyan, Komasan, USApyon, Whisper and Komajiro!

Ruskin: We won't. Looks like we're gonna dig your gravestone, to be sure.

DemiDevimon: Whoa! I like it when you say that.

Ruskin: Men- half of you stay here and I shots these guys and the rest- bring me that Medallion!

All: Okay!

Gumdramon: Aw, do we have to fight you guys for this? Well, have it your way!

They are fighting them and their's not effect on them

Damemon: No use! We can't defeat them!

Man: Well, what do you expect?

Then the Moonlight appeared and they turned into an Undead 

All: (Gasp)

Man: You best be say your prayers.

DemiDevimon: You need to listen to me. Stay away from their magic!

Man: Why?

DemiDevimon: You didn't hear me for what I said.

Gumdramon: Hey, DemiDevimon. Thanks for the Warning.

DemiDevimon: Drats!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

DemiDevimon: Well! This Ain't over!

He ran away

Gumdramon: If DemiDevimon is here, that must mean we have work to do.

Jibanyan: Yeah. And that person we know looks pretty mean, too, whis.

Gumdramon: Man, I'd hate to see him turn into a Heartless.

USApyon: Well, we ARE here...

Gumdramon: Hey maybe we can make that ship for a spin!

It make he's friends shook

Gumdramon: I'm just kidding. Alright. Weren't those guys heading to town?

Whisper: Of course. I think they were looking for Treasure, whis.

They went to the Town

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