Sparx and Gibson has arrived in Looney Tunes Town, and then Sylvester appeared scared them

Sylvester: Wearing the mask of peace and hope... Comes the fearless defender and hero of this town!  It is me, Captain Justice the Cat!

He strike a pose.

Sparx: Umm...

Gibson: I don't know if this is a....

Sylvester: Hey fellas! Do my hero-senses detect that you got troubles? Just say the word and Captain Justice will make all your problem solved.

Sparx: Who us?

Sylvester: Um, yeah.

Gibson: We are just trying to make some friends. Never mind, forget it.

Sylvester: Don't be intimidated by my magnificence. Go on and say it. Then remember you vote Captain Justice the cat.

Gibson: What vote?

Sylvester: Oh, um. Forget about that. How can I help? That's the only reason I'm here to help.

Sparx: Hmm...

Gibson: I got it. Tell us about your town? Everything look so festive. Is it always like this?

Sylvester: What? That's it? Nothing else? Well, the festivities are on account of the dream feistival, and this is why I've made sure there's carnival stuff all over town.

Sparx: You sure? Like what?

Sylvester: Oh, you gotta see for yourself. Wouldn't be much of a dream of I just told you.

Sparx: Okay! Thank you!

Sylvester: And this time! Don't ever forget! Captain Justice the cat is the one who solved all your problems.

Gibson: Um. Okay, we got it, Captain Justice.

Gossamer: Oh No! This is not good! Now we can't open the ice cream shop!

They saw Gossamer, Lola, Marvin and Pete Pama

Sylvester: Trouble? Rescue is on the way!

Gibson: A Festival?

Sparx: Gibson, maybe we should make some friends around here.

Gibson: Okay, let's do it.

They approach him 

Sylvester: Well, if those monkeys that I've saved. I'm stairs you'll have to get in line. I'm working on a progress with those three. Gossamer, Marvin and Pete.

Lola: And all we have is some trouble.

Gossamer: Yeah. All we were trying to do we make our own special recipe ice cream.

Marvin: And we have some trouble.

Pete: Come on, it's not a bad deal.

Sylvester: I'm so sure you're the victims of sabotage!

Marvin: Not quite! Quit making stuff up.

Pete: It was just an Ice Cream machine. Wile E Coyote left this for us.. But we don't know how to work on that machine.

Gossamer: And we're sorry, Lola. We wanted you to be the first to try our special recipe ice cream.

Lola: Guys, it was very nice if you to think of me.

Pete: We tried.

Marvin: I might be a Martian. But I don't know how to work this thing.

Sylvester: Don't worry. Leave it to me- one bowl of ice cream coming up!

Marvin: No, Earthling! You're gonna make a mess. Leave it alone, Earthling!

Sylvester: I want to help you!

Minutes alter

He make mess around the stage

Sylvester: (Growl) This machine is broken! It just needs a good punch...

Lola: It won't do it!

Gibson: Hey, maybe we can give it a try?

Sylvester: No, if Captain Justice can't fix it, there ain't nothing you can do, Monkeys.

Sparx: Maybe we won't, but there no harm in trying.

Gossamer: Okay! And better you two then him. Here you go, you two. These are the directions for the machine.

They making ice cream from the machine and they did it

Lexi: Oh my Goodness! This is delicious I may faint. I never had that kind of ice cream. Thank you so... Um... Er

Sparx: I'm Sparx and this is Gibson.

Gibson: We help people like you guys.

Lola: Well, thanks. Sparx and Gibson.

Gossamer: Way a go, Sparx and Gibson!

Marvin: I finally got it... We had to push this machine the other way.

Pete: Hm... I got an idea! We could let our customers make up their own favorite flavours of ice cream!

Sylvester: Not with this thing! Well... Those monkeys might got it work in this time. But that thing need to be wreak!

Lola: Don't every think about it!

They look Angry at Him

Sylvester: Fine! But Captain Justice will be back!

He left

Gibson: So, about Captain Justice the Cat. You say he's real name is Sylvester?

Gossamer: Yeah! He's the biggest trouble maker car in town!

Marvin: All because he just calling himself Captain Justice. Because he wants to win the Million Dream Award.

Sparx: What's the Million Dreams Award?

Lola: That's one of the Dream Festival events. Everyone vote for who they think is the town's must exemplary citizen.

Gibson: I see. So that's what he meant by votes.

Pete: And if you win the Award, you two get an amazing prize.

Lola: And even though, it's just a small token, nothing elaborate. The event is supposed to help us appreciate how much we all look out for each other every day. That's the spirit of the awards.

Sparx: Well, that's cool and all.

Gossamer: Sylvester wants to get his paws on the prize.

Marvin: And he knows that nobody's gonna vote for him if you put his name on the balance.

Pete: But nobody is stupid.

All: Yeah

They laugh

Sparx: Wish somebody else will look out for me.

Gibson: I'm sure they will.

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