Agunimon, Lobomon and Loweemon wondering around the Forest and they saw Eggman, Bocoe and Decoe surrounded by the Unversed

Eggman: Get away from me!

Becoe: What are they, Eggman?

Agunimon: Leave them to us!

They are fighting the Formulas and they defeated them

Eggman: Great job, for defeating those monster. That we don't know. And even thing is under control. Right, you two?

Both: Yes! Doctor Eggman!

Decoe: We would punch them and smash them into bits, we would.

Becoe: Why, we'd have given them a little of this! And this! 

They are doing a Punching

Eggman: And I'm glad that you protected the Treasure of mine.

Agunimon: We're not having your Chest, Doctor. We're looking for someone. A first person who has a Mask, the second person have a Bandana around his head and third who has a Helmet. And you seen them?

Eggman: Nope. Not really.

Lobomon: I see.

Eggman: Becoe! Decoe! We're off! We shall leave this place before the light draws them back again.

Lobomon: (Gasp) Wait a Minute. What did you just say about the light?

Eggman got an idea

Eggman: Oh, yes. It's heartbreaking really... That chest, you saw, contains light gathered from all around. And I got an acquaintance- an animal- who just want to steal it from me.

Agunimon: An Animal is after the light. If it's not the Dark Digimon... Then who? Listen. Why don't I help you keep the light safe? Maybe you can tell me about this animal who's been troubling you. What was his name?

Eggman: Sonic the Hedgehog. This chest must be safe at the Cave far away. Don't let Sonic get anywhere near it.

Lobomon: Okay, we'll do what we can.

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