Tails is looking at the star and the he saw a Shooting Star

Tail: What was that?

Next Day

Fuyunyan is exploring around forest and then saw a Mask Dark Digimon

???: Get lost.


Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon look unconscious, and then Tail, Knuckles and Amy saw them

Tail: Hello?

Knuckles: They didn't wake up.

Tail: What should we do?

Amy: Move aside!

Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon has been wake up and they saw Amy using her hammer on them

All: Yikes!

They dodge from her Hammer

Amy: You're okay?

Kumamon: Your trying to hurt us!

Tail: Are you three Alright?

They saw Tail and Knuckle

Kotemon: Yes. We kinda knocked out for something.

Knuckles: What is you're name?

Kotemon: Kotemon. This is my best friend's Kumamon and Kotemon.

Knuckles: Great to see you. But where did you three come from?

Kumamon: Well... I don't know.

Tail: Come on, you guys!

Amy: Okay, Tails. We'll find it.

Knuckles: See ya later, boys.

Bearmon: Where are you guys are going?

Amy: Tails wants to find a Shooting Star.

Kumamon: A Shooting Star?! 

Kotemon: Can we come with you?

Tail: Sure. Come on.

They went off

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