Tail and Kunckles is looking around the Forest

Knuckles: Hey, look!

They saw a Map

Tail: I'm gonna get it!

Then Otto picked it up

Both: Aw!

Tail: We're so Close for this.

Sonic: Tough luck, you Gus.

Both: But, Sonic.

Sonic: Don't say it. Remember the Rules. The first one to find and claim the treasure map.. gets to be the leader. And that would be you, Green Monkey.

Otto: Me? A leader?

Amy: Of the Expatiation.

Tails: And we're going on a treasure hunt. And that's our map you have!

Otto: I see.

Knuckles: But, why would he take the map for this?

Sonic: How come? I never said new friends can't be part of the gang. Come on, Knuckles, the more the merrier.

Otto: Um... I like to be the leader, but... No thank you. So you can have this.

Knuckles: Good.

Sonic: I don't think so.

Knuckles: What?!

Sonic: Because rules are rules. It looks we have call of this treasure hunt.

All: No! (Sigh)

Nova: Come on, Otto. Let's play with them.

Otto: Okay. You asked for it. I'll play for the Expatition.

All: Yeah!

They look at the Map

Otto: It looks like we're here, and the X is where we'll find the treasure.

Tail: Enough for that. Let's go!

Sonic: Hold on! We still don't even know our leader's name! Im Sonic! This is Tails, Knuckles and Amy. And what's yours?

Otto: Otto.

Nova: And I'm Nova.

Sonic: So you're Otto?

Otto: That's right.

Sonic: Now, first place- is at the Beach.

Nova: I really like the Beach!

Otto: Let's go!

They went off, and they stop by Eggman

Eggman: I have you now! Sonic! Today's the day I shall get rid of you and your friends for good!

Sonic: Eggman! We're kinda busy here! We're on an expatition! Can we show up for so other days?

Eggman: You already show up! Give me back my Chest!

Now: Who's that?

Sonic: Oh, that's Eggman. That Egghead is always wants to rule Mobius around here.

They are gonna leave

Eggman: I'm gonna get you, Hedgehog! Scratch! Grounder!

At the Eggman's Ship

Scratch: That's his Signal!

Grounder: Fire!

They blast Rockets to Sonic and his friends

Nova: We're you a get hit from them!

Sonic: Run!

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