They made it to this world and had their armor dismissed and then they saw Monster

Lobomon: Monster.... are these the Unversed that they told us?

Agunimon: Yes. Well, we better fight them!

They are fighting and then one is escaping

Loweemon: Don't let it get away! After it!

They follow it and defeated it and they saw a City, and saw a mysterious man

Myotismon: Who are you? I thought everyone at the city has been asleep from their eternal slumber. Are you a Digimon like me?

Lobomon: You're a Digimon, too?

Myotismon: I am. My name is Myotismon. I visit this world for my trip. And what's you're name?

Lobomon: Lobomon.

Agunimon: Agunimon.

Loweemon: Loweemon.

Myotismon: I see now.

Lobomon; Can you know more about this monster. The one's they attack.

Myotismon: Hmph. Why would I give a though to those monster so base... so inconsequential.

Agunimon: They are at base, after all. Look, we were looking for someone. Do you know a leader from the Unversed?

Myotismon: I don't know anything about it. Was he an outsider, like you? Hmm, I do remember someone leaving the city.

Lobomon: Tell us- what was he doing there?

Myotismon: I'm so sure... I can only be certain he was not from this city. If you're curious, go to the city for yourself. There- the entrance is over there.

Agunimon: Okay.

Myotismon: Maybe he did speak, about imprisoning- "the light"... "The light" could be so many things. Could he have meant Miya.

Lobomon: Miya.

They went off to the city, and they saw the Door blocked from the Magic and Lobomon use the Sword to unseal it

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