Kazemon, Beetlemon and Socerymon made it to the Castle and they saw a Light

Beetlemon: What is that?

They saw a Light heading to the city

Kazemon: I think we should take a look.

Socerymon: Alright.

They went inside the Castle and they saw Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon talking to Myotismon

Bearmon: There's no way they would take someone's heart for that!

Myotismon: You didn't believe me? That's miserable, for he agreed so easily.

Kumamon: So... did they.

Beetlemon: Boys!

Then saw Kazemon, Beetlemon and Socerymon

Kumamon: Guys!

Kazemon: Loweemon and the other would never do that. They were our friends.

They look happy

Kotemon: Yeah.

Myotismon: Hmm... The truth can be most foul even amongst the closest of teams. After all, one never knows the secret of another's heart. I'm sure you'll agreed... Kumamon... Kotemon.. Bearmon.... Kazemon... Beetlemon... Socerymon...

They doesn't like him, and Kazemon and her friends look at Kumamon and his best friends

Sorcerymon: Seraphimon and Ophanimon, send us. Boys... let's go back to the Digital World

Kotemon: But what about....

Socerymon: They weren't ready to leave...

Kumamon: No... I don't think we could.

Kazemon: But... Why?

Kotemon: It's just.... We have to find them, before it's too late.

He and his best friends left

Kazemon: Guys!

Myotismon: I see, you're the Digimon Warriors.

Beetlemon: What?! How did you know that about that?

Myotismon: A source of power... The Mystic, Warriors and Guardian's that opens the hearts of men, of entire world's... And allows one to attain anything and everything. Such a power I find most interesting me.

Kazemon So, you mean... They..

Beetlemon It can't be... Did they?

Myotismon: Of course. Now. My friends, would you like to assist me, as well?

All: No!

Myotismon: Looks like Cherubimon was right... You are a Stubborn Digimon.

Sorcerymon: What? Cherubimon? How did you know him?

Beetlemon: Yeah, tell us.

Myotismon: It looks like you need some time for that... Then again, I know a place.

He make a Portal and then they got sucked in

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