Terra and Eruptor arrived in the City and they Dr Nefarious

Terra: Hey, have you seen a Boy in and Mask with a Dark Dragon

Nefarious: Nope. But maybe I tell you where he is.

Terra: So tell us.

Nefarious: First. You need to find Ratchet and Clank. And bring them to me.

Eruptor: Alright, we'll find them.

They went off and they found them

Terra: Are you Ratchet and Clank?

Ratchet: Yeah,why?

Terra: We have to bring you to Nefarious.

Clank: Are you working with him?

Eruptor: No, he makes a Deal for us. To find the Boy in the Mask and a Dark Dragon.

Ratchet: I see, so you have to bring us to him?

Terra: Yeah.

Ratchet: Well, thanks we want to know where he is.

Eruptor: Really? Well, okay we'll take you to him.

They went off and they made it

Terra: This is where he is.

Ratchet: Thanks, let's go Clank.

They went off and they went to see Dr Nefarious

Terra: We brought you Ratchet and Clank. Now can you tell us where they are?

Dr Nefarious: Oh, right.... yeah... you see.... I trick you.

Terra: Okay! You mess with the wrong person!

They are fighting him and they defeated

Terra: If you lied to us, we get you for this.

Ratchet: Thanks for helping us.

Terra: No problem, we have to leafe.

Ratchet: Okay, see ya.

They left this world

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