Antuari made it to Radiant Garden and he saw the Unversed

Antuari: The Unversed! That's what that Person said to me.

He's fighting and defeated them and he saw the Black Coated Person walking that way

Antuari: Where is he going? Maybe he find Something out.

He went off and he saw a Yellow Frog drop a Book

Kururu: Ku Ku Ku. There's that house. I should just followed the map.

Antique pick it a Book and it's a Picture of Kirby and his friends, so he went inside the House

Antuari: Excuse me. I believe you drop the book.

He gave to him

Kururu: I did? Oh! I'm so sorry to say this. But this isn't one of mine... But what a wonderful book it is. This unassuming volume, seems to have the usual effect of awakening ones inner most abilities.

Antuari: A Book that makes People stronger? If it's okay, Mr, should I have a closer look?

Kururu: Of course, you will. And my name is Kururu. And I'll have you know a lot of scientists comes with their minds. Anyway, like I said, the book is not mine. But I'd be happy to keep it here for you.

Antuari: Thank you, Kururu.

He left the House and saw the Formless running, so he chased it

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