Aqua and her friends arrived in Paris and they saw Carmilita

Aqua: Excuse me, we're looking for a friend of our, have you seen. He's taller man with a Lava Creature.

Carmillita: Sorry, I don't think so.

Aqua: Okay, bye.

Carmillita: Wait! Maybe you can help me.

Aqua: Sure, what is it?

Carmillita: Can you find that Cooper named Sly Cooper. He's a Thief.

Aqua: We'll go find him for you.

Carmillita: Thank you.

They went off and they found him

Stealth Elf: Are you Sly Cooper?

Sly: Yes, why?

Jet-Vac: We're here to take you custody.

Sly: Let me guess, Carmelita send you, right?

Aqua: Yes, but why are you a Thief?

Sly Cooper: Because it's what the Cooper Down does. My family and my Ancestors are thieves just like me.

Aqua: And is there a reason why?

Sly Cooper: Yes, my father told me about all them before he died.

Aqua: What? What happened to him?

Sly Cooper: He died from Fiendish Five.

Stealth Elf: We're so sorry about your lost.

Sly: It's okay, as long as I have Bentley and Murray with me.

Aqua: That's good.

Sly: So are you gonna arrest us?

Aqua: No, we all know what you do this. So we have to let you go.

Sly: Really, thanks. But what about Carmelita?

Aqua: We'll go talk to her about your escape.

Sly: Okay.

They went off to see her

Carmelita: What Sly Cooper got away, why?

Aqua: He ran off with his gang.

Carmelita: Darn that Cooper.

Jet-Vac: But why do you want to capture him for?

Carmelita: It's what my Job does.

Aqua: But you know that he and his family's are thieves.

Carmelita: I know, but I just wish that Sly Cooper would be my partner if he lost his memories.

Aqua: Someday, he will.

Stealth Elf: And I just hope Terra and Eruptor are okay, right now.

They left this world]

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