Terra and Eruptor arrived in Russia]

Terra: I wonder where we are?

Eruptor: Don't know, and it has alot of lava.

Clockwerk: What do you think you're doing here?

Terra: Just looking for someone, have you seen the boy in a mask with a dark dragon?

Clockwerk: No.

Eruptor: Okay, we better leave.

Clockwerk: Wait! Maybe, I can tell you where they are.

Terra: Yes.

Clocowerk: But first you have to protect the chest it was full of light.

Terra: Well, okay. Who were you protecting from?

Clockwerk: Sly Cooper.


Clockwerk: I want you stay here and guard this chest. While I find that girl that Sly knows.


Sly and his friends saw the chest guarding from Clockwerk

Sly: Quite, looks like Clockwerk is having these guys around.

He appeared in front of Terra and Eruptor

Terra: Are you Sly?

Sly: Yep!

Eruptor: The light won't have you!

They are fighting

Terra: Why are you after the light?

Sly: What? What light?

Murray: Sly! I got it!

Sly: Murray!

Terra: Hey!

He is chasing him and then Murray trip and drop the chest and it show all the treasure

Murray: Ow, that hurt.

Eruptor: What's all these?

Sly: Loots. Coin, jewel and even some treasure.

Terra: We've been guarding a pile of loot?

Sly: Let me guess, Clockwerk trick you, right?

Terra: Yeah, hey. We're sorry we attacked you.

Sly: Oh, don't worry about. So what's Clockwerk doing?

Eruptor: He said he went after the girl that you know.

Sly: The Girl that I--- Oh, no! Carmilita! I have to save her!

He went off with his gang

Terra: Clockwerk trick us from the loot then that means---

Eruptor: Yes, that's right. Let's go.

Terra: Okay.

Eruptor: Wait!

He wrote a Letter and it say "We know you trick us, so we're not gonna do it"

Eruptor: That should do it, let's go.

They left this world

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