They are now in Paris and they saw Sly Cooper chasing from the Unversed]

Ventus: Get to safety.

They are fighting it and they defeated them

Sly: Wow, thanks for saving me.

Ventus: No problem, I'm Ventus. But call me Ven.

Spyro: Spyro.

Pop Fizz: Pop Fizz.

Sly: I'm Sly Cooper. And I'm a Thief.

Ventus: So what do you want to steal?

Sly: My Files from Carmilita.

Ventus: Should we help you get it?

Sly Cooper: Yes, please.

They went into her Office they found a safe

Sly: There's the Safe, now I need to open it.

Then the Unversed appeared

Sly: Not now!

Ventus: We'll hold them off.

Arter that Sly Cooper got the Files

Sly Cooper: Finally, I got now I have to leave.

Then a Giant Unversed block his path

Sly: On boy.

The are fighting it and they defeated them

Sly: Thank you, now I have to leave with the gangs.

Ventus: Just be safe.

Sly left and they left this world

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