This is how Terra and Eruptor arrived in Sonic's World in Ryan's Quest: Birth By Sleep.

(Terra and Eruptor arrived in Sonic's World)

Terra: I wonder where we are?

(And they saw a Festival in the City)

Eruptor: Look like a Festival, let's go see one.

(They went off and everything is ready)

Tails: Welcome, everyone in Mobius! We are now here of this Festival in Mobotropolis! And let me introduce you too, Terra and Eruptor!

(They cheered to them)

Tails: (sigh) And Eggman.

(They boo at him)

Sonic: Alright everyone! Today, we should do the challenge. Terra and Eggman will fight the Badniks.

(They are fighting them and Terra has Won)

Shadow: Looks like he won.

Rogue: Yeah.

Tail: Okay, the next challenge is for Eruptor and Eggman to dance.

(They are dancing and Eruptor Won)

Espio: Looks like he did.

Vector: He got the move!

Charmy: Yeah!

Tail: Now, next up is for Terra to play the Violin

Eggman: Violin? Hm.... Maybe I can make him lose and that will make it like a accident.

(He is making a Fake Violin)

Eggman: I hope this will make a grand desendo. (Chuckles)


Terra: Cool. Master Eraqus showed me that.

(He play the Violin and he got it wrong)

Eggman: No, you did it wrong! Try again!

(He play it again and he got it wrong again)

Eggman: Get out of the way! Like this!

(Eggman push him out and play the Violin correctly and then it got Exploded)

Tails: Ow. Looks like Eggman lost, looks like Terra and Eruptor won!

(They cheered to them)

Terra: Thank you.

(They left this world)

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