A Duck named Negaduck is talking to 4 Animal 

Negaduck: Listen everyone, all we need to do is to come up for a plan. And I want to hear it.

Liquidator: I could flood everywhere in St. Canard.

Bushroot: We already done that. Thanks to him.

Quackerjack: How about we make a Dangerous Toys to all the Kids.

Megavolt: Already, done that. Something else.

Negaduck: Maybe, we should get rid of Darkwing Duck's Daughter.

Megavolt: That's a great idea!

Antuari is spying on them

Antuari: So they come up for a plan for that?

Negaduck: And after we Kidnap her. We should get that Heart from Morgana.

Antuari: Another one? Wait. What if the Leader was here?

Negaduck: Who's there? Show Yourself.

Antuari came out to his hiding spot

Antuari: My name is Antuari. I'm looking for the leader from those monster. Have you find one?

Negaduck: I don't know who it was?

Antuari is gonna leave

Negaduck: Stop. Maybe... we have a task for you. If complete it. I will ask you where you find the Leader from those monster, you said. From the Machine, that Megavolt install it. Is that a deal?

Antuari: Okay. And what's it gonna be?

Negaduck: (chuckled) There is little girl who was an orphan And she is a Daughter from him. Her name is Gosalyn. Bring her to me. And make sure you don't fail me today. After that, you bring that Dracula lady to us. And this is them.

He show a picture to Antuari

Antuari: So that little girl is Gosalyn and that Lady is Beautiful. I don't get it? You want that heart from a Vampire lady, right?

Negaduck: If you don't do this task, I'll destroy you. And I have more than enough of her light.

Antuari: What would they do to you?

Negaduck: None of your beeswax. Now, do it what I ask. Bring me the Girl, so I can tell you where the leader is.

Antuari: Where could I find her?

Negaduck: At the woods. She's went off for her trip. Now go, and bring her to me.

Antuari: Bring that girl? This Gosalyn and that Dracula lady is best chance right now? Maybe he will know where the leader is. But happen if..

He remembers what he did to Callie's 

Antuari: No, I can't let that happen.

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