Sparx and Gibson are searching around City

Sparx: Did you find Antuari?

Gibson: No.

Sparx: (Sigh) Still no sign of him.

They saw a House and they saw Cat sleeping

Sparx: She's so Beautiful.

????: Stop! Get away from her!

It was Three good Faires

Gibson: Sorry. We didn't know she look so beautiful.

Flora: Who are you?

Sparx: I'm Sparx.

Gibson: I'm Gibson.

Fauna: You don't seem so bad, dear. I'm certain you have a pure heart, just like Callie.

Gibson: Can you tell us why she's sleeping?

Flora: Long ago, Black Doom cursed everything in the city. Now Callie's heart has been stolen.

Sparx: Well... Why don't we just get it back for her?

Fauna: That's impossible, dear. Black Doom's home is at the Mountain. It's not safe.

Sparx: We're not scared. We can't just leave Callie like this. Come on, we have to get her heart back. So what do you say? Wanna help us?

Flora: You know, you're absolutely right. The Mountains is through the Jungle. Come along- follow us.a after all, we wouldn't want you to get lost.

Gibson: Thank you.

They went off to get her heart back from Black Doom, they saw a Force Field

Sparx: Look like we're stuck.

Flora: This must be Black Doom's doing.

Fauna: I know.

She use her wand and the Force Field is gone

Fauna: Shall we?

Gibson: Sure.

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