Kazemon, Beetlemon and Socerymon made it to City and they saw Dora Kid running

Lobomon: Kazemon? Beetlemon? Socerymon?

All: Agunimon? Lobomon? Loweemon?

They run to them

Kazemon: Guys... Kumamon and his best friend left the Digital World.

Agunimon: What?

Beetlemon: All because they want to find you. Do you have any idea why they left?

Loweemon: No... (Gasp) Maybe... Just before we left, they tried to tell us something. We should have listened to them before we left

Sorcerymon: So... Did you find the Leader of the Unversed?

Loweemon: Not yet, by it seems he's looking for pure hearts filled with light.

Kazemon: Pure hearts... Filled with light...

Load: All we can tell you is that his search hasn't taken him here.

Socerymon: Okay. We'll stay here and search around here.

Lobomon Alright. There is the Robot Academy over there. Maybe you three should go there.

Kazemon: Alright.

Agunimon: Kazemon... Beetlemon... You still have the same dream like us?

Kazemon: Well... We do.

Agunimon: There is a Robot Cat who was working with the Time Patrol. His name is Dora Kid. He made Lobomon realize how powerful is just to believe. No matter how difficult things seem... a powerful enough dream will always be enough to light the darkness.

They nodded means Yes

Lobomon: If you see him, give him our thanks

Kazemon: Loweemon will be alright, Boys. He won't give in to it.

Socerymon: I know, he will. Lobomon and Agunimon will take care of him.

They made to the Robot Academy and they saw Dr Achimoff walking and then they sense Something to him, and they saw Pawaemon heading to the party

Kazemon: Sir!

Pawaemon: Hm?

Beetlemon: Who's that guy we saw?

Pawaemon: Him? That Dr Archimov, he's a Scientist and he is from Russia.

Sorcerymon: You know, there is something weird about him.

Then Dorami appeared

Dorami: You're finally here!

Beetlemon: What?

Dorami: Oh! Sorry, I though you were Dora Kid.

Pawaemon: Dorami, if you're looking for Dora Kid. He went back home.

Dorami: To get dress for that party?

Pawaemon: I don't know... I guess: And for that, I invited everybody in the Robot Academy. And I better go to the Robot Factory.

He left

Kazemon: Robot Factory? Maybe we should go there.

Beetlemon: Come on.

They went off

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