Kotemon, Bearmon and Kumamon made it here in the city and they saw a scientist running

Professor Oak: Phew! That boy is making my go Cuckoo.

Kumamon: Is something wrong, Mr?

Professor Oak: (Scream) I told you! You can't join the Tournament, Go-

He saw Kotemon, Bearmon and Kumamon

Professor Oak: Hold on? I never seen a Pokemon like you. And why you have a kendo stick? You know this isn't a Kendo Match.

Kotemon Well...

He saw Red coming

Red: Professor Oak! I'm all signed up! Professor Oak!

Professor Oak: Okay! Okay! Red! I heard you! Now would you keep it down already, you hurting my ears.

Then he saw a White Hedgehog coming

???: I knew it!

Professor Oak: Perfect... You're happy, Red? You blow my cover to him.

???: Alright, lighten up. I asked around, and everybody says you're the guy, who has a Pokemon.

Red: And true heroes!

Kumamon: You're serious? You can teach that?

???: Of course, he will. Come on, Professor Oak, please. I really want to be a hero.

Professor Oak: Look, we've been through this... Like this. Student- teacher ratio!

Bearmon: What does that mean?

Kotemon: Don't know. Some say they have to do their training with their Teachers.

Professor Oak: I have to do something for my work. Come on, Red

???: I'm low-maintenance, I swear to you!

Then unversed appeared

All: Unversed!

???: Monster!

They are gonna a fight them

???: Hey, Professor Oak! Watch this! I'll show you what I'm made of.

Red: And my Pokemon will help.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Professor Oak: (Sigh) Okay... Change of plans. The Games are coming up. So, I'm going to watch both of your matches... Then I'll decide which of you, kids. I want to train.

???: Alright! Thanks! I'm gonna go with up right now.

Kumamon: The Games? That's sounds like fun!

Professor Oak: I'm so sorry, bear. That Hedgehog here just took the last spot.

He look down

Kotemon: That's okay, Kumamon.

Red: I don't get it, Professor Oak. I though you were my trainer!

Professor Oak: You want to be a Pokemon Master, Red? All you have to do is to go out there and show me that everything I've taught your Pokemon so far is gonna pay off.

Red: But, Oak?

Professor Oak: Oh... And no more training sessions for a while. Wouldn't be fair if I helped you're Pokemon and not for him.

Red look sad

Kotemon: Come on, just Cheered up. So you gotta have to fight a couple of matches, no big deal, okay? I'm Kotemon, this is Kumamon and Bearmon. Want us to help you training?

Red: You can do that for my Pokemon?

Kumamon: Yeah. 

Red: Thanks you, boys, I'm Red. I'm the Pokemon Trainer.

Bearmon: And we are Digimon, though. You're gonna do fine.

Red: Thank you. I'm gonna head over to the Tournament and warm up. Meet me at the vestibule, okay?

Kotemon: We will.

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