Black Doom: And what about the Symbol?

Young Chase: Both the Heartless and the Shadow-bots are searching for it even as we speak now.

Young Chase: So that just leaves..

Jack: Young Chase. I’ve been looking for Kimiko and her friends, but they’ve all just, disappeared.

Young Chase: Hmm? The girl is more troublesome then I thought, I guess it’s always the quiet ones.

Black Doom: I thought you said you had everything under control?

Young Chase: Patience Black Doom, my world is filled with holes for rats like the monks to hide in. But why worry about her? With or without her, surely this world will be ours when we find the Keyhole.

Blank Doom: We need all seven princesses of heart to open the final door. Any fewer is useless.

Young Chase: Relax, you know I don't fail so easily! If the girl is that important, we’ll find her.Go fourth and bring me the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire.

Black Doom: Don't steep yourself in darkness too long Chase Young. The Heartless consume the careless.

Chase: Hmph! Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary, I assure you.

They didn't see Kimoko hiding from them

Kimiko: Raimundo, Clay, Omi, Dojo. Where are you?

Back to our Heroes, they are fighting the Heartless and they Kimiko

Ace: Huh?

Kimiko: Who's there? Show yourself.

Ace: I'm ace. This is Daffy, Wile and Taz.

Kimiko: I'm Kimiko. The Xioalin Warrior of Fire.

Ace: Uh... so that makes you a warrior.

Kimiko: Yes. I was in the Temple from Master Ring. Until then, he left the Temple before Young Chase arrived?

Ace: Who's Young Chase?

Kimiko: You haven't heard of him? He's an Evil Warrior. Chase came across the Heartless and used their power to shroud the world in Darkness. And he's searching for a Symbol. We got away from Young Chase and Jack Spicer.

Ace: Who was with you?

Kimiko: We ran away from them. And my friends went off to find something. I hope Raimundo, Omi, Clay and Dojo are okay?

Young Chase: You're Friends? Then it would seem that my minion have failed me. Kimiko, you are a crafty girl to escape me, but I do believe it's time we head back.

Ace: Kimiko, get out of here!

She ran away from Young Chase and Ace and his team are going fight him

Young Chase: Ah. The bunny with the Sword. Heartless, Get them.

They are fighting the Heartless and they went off to find Raimundo and the Others.

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