Goku as a kid is fighting a monster and toss the monster away and cheered for victory


Our Heroes are here in the Underworld 

Ace: Where are we?

Wile: Is the Tournament.

Daffy: Is that way!

Ace: Oh, I guess we were a little off.

They are a Scream they saw a Girl chasing from the Heartless and she fell down

Ace: We have to help her!

They save her from the Heartless 

Ace: Are you Alright?

Pan: I'm fine. And you must be?

Ace: I'm Ace! This Daffy, Wile and Taz. We are friends with Goku.

Pan: You know my Grandpa.

Daffy: Yeah! Cause we're Heroes too!

Wile: I think you meant, Heroes in-training.

Pan: Wow! Looks like I first meet you guys here. The names Pan. I'm Goku's Granddaughter.

Ace: So how's Goku?

Pan: He's fine. He's duking it out at the Tournament every day. You know "a hero's work" is never done and all that. He's ready to drop but he keeps on fighting. Even my Grandpa has his limits, though. Those opponents are bad news- special deliveries from Broly himself...

Daffy: Who's Broly?

Pan: Oh, you haven't meet him? He's in the Underworld. I was on my way to see him. Maybe I can get Broly to give my Grandpa a breath. If anything happened to that kid...

Wile: Boy, sounds like you're more than just a family!

Pan: Of course, I am!

Ace: We'll go have a little talk with Broly. I'd hate for anything to happen to you on your way to see him.

Pan: You really want to do that? Well, it looks like you know what you're doing for this. I guess I'll take you up on that offer. But... let's keep this whole chat-with-broly thing our little secret, okay?

Ace: Our lips are sealed!

They went to find Broly and they saw the Organization running

Daffy: The Organization!

Ace: Yeah!

They went after him and they found and he is running away

??????: Run! Run for your life!

He disappeared 

Ace: Sure?

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