Aqua and her friends arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom and they saw the Stadium

Aqua: Look at this place.

Stealth Elf: It's like a Stadium.

Jet-Vac: Let's go and see.

They went off and they saw the Koopalings chasing from the Boo's

Aqua: I guess that got alot of troubles they done.

Stealth Elf: Yeah.

They went off and see the Tennis Stadium

Aqua: Tennis Stadium? Maybe we should sign up for the games.

Stealth Elf: Yeah, let's go and play.

Jet-Vac: I wonder who we gonna face?


[They are Facing Wario and Waluigi]

Aqua: I don't like these guys.

Jet-Vac: Well, you ladies have fun from them.

After the Game

Aqua and Stealth Rock won the Game

Wario: Waa! We lost!

Waluigi: We'll get you for this!

They left

Aqua: Looks like we won.

Princess Peach: You won the Tennis Game from them, thank you.

Aqua: It's our Pleasure, Princess.

Daisy: Wow, you won the game just like Terra, Ventus and their friends.

Aqua: What? They were here?

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Princess: They won the Baseball Game and Football game from Bowser and the Koopalings.

Jet-Vac: Are they here?

Rosalina: Now, they left.

Aqua: I see.

Princess: And as a token of our Gratitude. We give you this winning prize to you.

She give them a Prize Money and a Member Card

Aqua: Thank you, Your Highness.

Princess Peach: Make sure you come back for next game.

Aqua: We will.

They left this world

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