Ventus and his friends arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom and they saw a Stadium

Ventus: Wow! Look at this place!

Spyro: This is so much fun!

Pop Fizz: I really like it here!

Ventus: Come on!

They went off and they saw Bowser chasing from the Cops]

Ventus: Looks like he got in trouble.

Spyro: Yeah, let's go.

They went to the Baseball Stadiums

Ventus: Hey, look! A Baseball Stadiums, let's go sign up.

Spyro: Wait, Ventus. You remember what happened last year? We got that guy's window broken.

Pop Fizz: He's right, we can't do that again.

Ventus: Look it's not our fault that we broke his window, Terra throw it to hard.

Spyro: Even Eruptor.

Ventue: Look, maybe we should try this again, so we can't hurt anybody, okay?

Spyro: Alright, let's sign up. I wonder who we're gonna face?


They are Facing the Koopalings and the Boo's

Ventus: I hate Ghost.

After that

They won

Junior: I lost! Dad's gonna kill me, I'll get you for this!

He and his brother and sister left

Ventus: Looks like we won the Game.

Mario: Mama-mia, you won the Baseball Game.

Luigi: You're wonderful. Just like Terra and Eruptor.

Ventus: Wait, they're here?

Luigi: Of course, they won the Football game from Bowser.

Spyro: So where are they?

Mario: They left before you came.

Pop Fizz: I see. So what's our Prize?

He give them a Prize Money and a Member Card

Luigi: If you want to have some fun, come back soon.

Ventus: Okay, bye!

They left this world

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