Ash's Charizard is fighting the Pokemon in the Tournament and he won

Ash: Great job, Charizard!

Everyone is Cheering to him


Our Heroes are here in the Team Rocket's Lair

Gumdramon: Where are we?

Whisper: Is the Tournament.

USApyon: Is that way!

Damemon: Oh, I guess we were a little off.

They are a Scream they saw a Girl chasing from the Heartless and she fell down

Shoutmon: We have to help her!

They save her from the Heartless 

Gumdramon: Are you Alright?

Misty: I'm fine. And you must be?

Gumdramon: I'm Gumdramon. This is Shoutmon, Damemon, Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan, Komajiro and USApyon. We came here to see how Ash and Pikachu are doing?

Misty: You all know him?

USApyon: Yeah! Cause we're Heroes too!

Komasan: Um... You mean, Junior Heroes?

Misty: Wow! Looks like I first meet you guys here. I'm Misty and this is Togepi.

Shoutmon: So how's Ash and his Pokemon?

Misty: Their fine. He's Pokemon duking it out at the Tournament every day. You know "a Pokemon Trainer work" is never done and all that. He's Pokemon ready to have a break butthey keeps on fighting. Even Ash has his limits, though. Those opponents are bad news- special deliveries from Giovanni himself...

Jibanyan: So where is he, nyan?

Misty: He's at the Top Floor I was on my way to see him. Maybe I can get Giovanni to give Ash and his Pokemon a breath. If anything happened to that kid...

Whisper: Boy, sounds like you're in a Relationship to him?

Misty: No, im not! I'm just his friends.

Gumdramon: We'll go have a little talk with Giovanni. I'd hate for anything to happen to you on your way to see him.

Misty: You really want to do that for ash? Well, it looks like you know what you're doing for this. I guess I'll take you up on that offer. But... let's keep this whole chat-with-goivanni thing our little secret, okay?

Gumdramon: Our secret is safe!

They went to find Giovanni and they saw the Organization running

Komasan: The Organization!

Shoutmon: Yeah!

They went after him and they found and he is running away

??????: Run! Run for you life!

He disappeared 

Gumdramon: Alright?

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