They are driving the galaxy train and then they saw a huge ship

Daffy: What is that?

Ace: Wow, it's huge!

Daffy: It's a giant ship!

Wile: That one is a Huge Ship.

Daffy: Ah! Ace, get us out of here!

Ace: Too late! It's gonna ram us!

Then a Memories is showing Ace and his Friends who were young

Ace: It's tire! Me and Rev saw it with our own eyes!

Duck: You sure you didn't hear it this time?

Tech: What difference does it make?

Rev: There's a huge monster in there, I tell you!

Duck: All right. Suppose there really is a monster... Think we can beat it by ourselves, Ace?

Ace: No Problem. Let's do it! Listen! There! Can you hear is Growling.

Duck: Shh, quiet. We're gonna be careful

They went inside

Duck: Is that? It was just the wind making that noise?

Ace: Aw. I wish it was a monster. Wait a minute. Look over there.

They saw a Door

Duck: A window, or maybe a Door. It won't open. Geez, is that really all that's in here?

Tech: What do you expect in a boring place like this?

Duck: Hey, Ace.

Ace: Yeah?

Duck: When we grow up, let's go see some galaxy. We'll go on for adventures, not this kid stuff!

Ace: Sure. But isn't there anything fun to do now? I heard that our parents is moving away from Acmetropolis? They said they want to move to a peaceful place.

Ace has Awaken from his Memories

Daffy: Cut it out!

Wile: Hey, Ace. Are you alright?

Ace: What are you guys doing? Where are we anyway.

Then Ace dodge a Box of Potion

Wile: Well, I bet the Huge Sjip has taken our trains from us. And for today's weather: expect showers.

Then it Taz's Head

Taz: Ow!

Wile: Heavy Shower.

Daffy: Hey! Show yourself.

It was Vivi who throws at them from the Treasure Chest

Vivi: It's just me.

Daffy: Oh. It's just Vivi... Vivi!

Wile: Vivi?

He left

Wile: Vivi! Where are you going? Vivi! Come on, you guys. After him quick!

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