This is how the scene for Arrving in Canterlot goes in A Zebra Wedding.

(the train then pulls into Canterlot station and comes to a stop)

Kevin: Wow!

Alex: I've never seen Canterlot so incredible in my entire life!

Marty: I sure can't wait to see my Auntie again.

Gloria: Where is she anyway?

Melman: I see Zecora at the castle entrance right now.

Vitaly: Now's Marty's chance to ask for wedding position.

Marty: Come on, Kevin!

(Marty and Kevin run for the castle)

Zecora: (is about to step into the castle)

Marty: Auntie Zecora!

Zecora: Marty my nephew, It is so good to see you! (she and Marty embrace)

Marty: Me too, Auntie Z.

Kevin: Hello, Zecora!

Zecora: Ah, Kevin, my young friend, is there any help you wish to lend?

Marty: I was just wondering if you got a wedding position for me.

Zecora: I will see if there is one for you, so that you will not feel blue.

Kevin: Say, where's Victor anyway?

Zecora: He is in the other room, It is bad luck to see my Groom.

Marty: I just can't wait to see what he has in store for us. Coming Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah, I'm coming.

Zecora: Young Marty, do not despair, it is still a family affair.

Marty: I wonder if Victor was coming to see me.

Kevin: You'll never know unless we find out.

Zecora: I completely agreed, my friend Kevin, you never know what he might need.

Marty: Say, just wondering, who is the best stallion?

Kevin: Yeah, who is it?

Zecora: On a scale of one to ten, Victor wanted you, Kevin to be his best Staillion.

Kevin: Victor wants me to be best Staillion?!

Zecora: That is right, Kevin, It is true, You were always his number two.

Kevin: I know, I did well for him. Didn't I?

Marty: Without a doubt.

Zecora: (pats Kevin) On a scale, you are Eleven, You deserve that spot, Young Kevin.

Kevin: Come on, Marty, Let's get everything ready for the Wedding.

Marty: Okay, Kevin.

(they soon make it to the front entrance of the castle)

Marty: Hey, Zecora. Do you promise me a special wedding position for me?

Zecora: Of course young Marty, I can get you someplace in this party.

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