This is when the heroes arrived at Hong Kong in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction

[We see Beijing, Hong Kong and Savoy driving his car]

Savoy: I'm seriously getting screwed we're not getting paid for this.

Attinger: Well, at least we get to kill him. They're not getting away if I still got him on satellite. Some genius thinks he can outrun the CIA.

Kurumi: Let's kill them. 

[With Joshua] 

Darcy: Joshua? 

Joshua: Yes? 

Darcy: How lethal is that bomb? 

Joshua: Uh, I don't know let me check. [Next morning the car stops] 

Darcy: I'll do the diversion. Get that thing somewhere safe! 

[Darcy and Su Yueming come up to a biker and the Sue and the biker argue] 

Joshua: Killers are coming! Guys, we gotta go! Guys, guys.... 

Sue Yueming: Shut up! Shut up! Joshua: All right, go ahead, go ahead! 

[The 2 continue arguing] 

Joshua: Okay, he's in. Okay, okay, okay. 

Su Yueming: I need a raise, I need a raise! 

Joshua: All right, yes! I'm sure whatever you want! 

[We see Savoy driving] 

Joshua: Go, go, go! [sees Savoy coming] Oh, no! Death is on our tail, death is on our tail! 

[The chase continues] 

Joshua: Get out of the way, all of you! Get out of the way! I don't want to die like this! 

[The chase continues still, Attiger and Savoy stop and get out] 

Savoy: Box them in. 

[Cemetery Wind agents arrive as Joshua and Sue coutinue and they both fall] 

Sue: Hurry, hurry! Come! 

Joshua: Okay, yes. I'll Follow you anywhere. You're amazing! 

Sue: We're going to get you to the roof. 

Joshua: Good, good. [The Cemetery Wind agents look for Joshua and the elevator opens] 

Sue: Go! [pushes him in] 

Joshua: [takes out and looks at his phone] "Like a a tactical nuke". [laughs] LOL. That's funny. [laughs] I can't... This is really happening. A man, me, who is worth over 20 billion dollars is now [cackles] being chased by the CIA assassins. That's the truth. [laughs] And in the middle of a robot uprising. [laughs] And I'm carrying what is, in essence, a tactical nuke. And the great thing is I... The great thing is that I'm... I'm barely feeling any jetlag. 

Sue: Stop it! 

Joshua: What? 

Sue: You need to hide on the roof of this building. I'll get you a helicopter extraction. 

[The Cemetery Wind soldiers run down] 

Joshua: [sighs] I like her. I find her very attractive. 

Mercenary: He's defiantly around. 

Joshua: [presses buttons] Come on, come on! 

Cemetery Wind solider: I got a bike! Check in there! 

Joshua: These are the CIA assassins I told you about. [Cemetery soliders come in] 

Joshua: Whoa! Guys. 

Mercenary: Let's go. 

Sue: Hello. [starts beating them up] 

Mercanery: Pick it up! 

Joshua: Alright I'm gonna 

Sue: [starts betting him up then a guy in the elevator comes in and beats him up] 

Joshua: Wow. Wow! Wow thank you. Wow! How did you... 

Sue: Police training prior of MBA. 

Joshua: I love you. 

Sue: Get to the roof. 

Joshua: Alright, okay. 

[Cut to Galvatron and his army coming] 

[Cut back to Joshua on the roof carrying the seed, he sits down and drinks milk] 

[Galvatron and his army comes in and transform] 

Galvatron: Find my seed. It's hear!

Savoy: Those prototypes are after that bomb. 

[Our heroes come behind Joshua] 

Joshua: No, no, no! 

Savoy: Who the heck is aboard that? 

Darla Dimple: It can't be! 

Grizzle: What the... 

Attinger: Impossible! 

Galvatron: Brothers, it's the Autobots! Shoot them down! [The door opens] 

Cade: Joshua! 

Hound: Hey, Baldy! 

Joshua: Hey, it's me! Hey! 

Cade: Bring it over, now! Let's go! Hurry up, run! Hurry come on! 

Hound: Let's go! Move it! 

Carver: Come on! Get in this damn ship! 

Cade: Guys! Cade: Come on give it to me, now! 

Hound: Looks like we might have company! 

[A KSI robot transforms and shoots them down] 

Hound: We're hit! We're hit! 

[The ships flies in the forest and crashes] 

Attinger: They live, they talk, we're dead. Kill them all. 

Savoy: Pleasure. 

[We see KSI robots] 

Hound: I count ten below! 

Tino: Say what?! You have one prototype infected. 


 Joshua: Now he's got operation control of my other 50. 

Cade: Come on. 

Galvatron: Climb! Climb! Surround them. 

[The KSI robots do so] 

Joshua: I may have started the apocalypse, but you brought your family. And that's you know, terrible parenting. 

Cade: Oh, I'm about one second away from you knocking you out, taking the bomb and just leave you hear. 

Joshua: Please, do me a favor. 

Hound: Optimus, Autobots, you alive. [sees a KSI robot and fires] Come on, stupid! 

Cade: Come on! 

Hound: Evac, evac, we're getting flag! We got company below! [jumps but gets stuck] My butt is stuck! Be, take the shot! 

[Bumblebee does so, and the others get in the elevator but Savoy starts shooting at them!] 

Joshua: Won't go! It's not closing! 

Sunset Shimmer: What's going on!? 

Cade: There's too much weight! Get back down to Bumblebee! 

Tessa: Dad, no! 

Cade: Hey, you want me! [Savoy shoots but misses] Savoy: Center elevator, center elevator! Shane: He's going to be okay. 

Attinger: [comes to the elevator but finds a teenage girl in there] 

Joshua: Alien bomb! Alien bomb, coming through! Clear the way! Clear the.... hi, kids. Coming through, ladies! Excuse me! Excuse me, ladies! Excuse me! Oh, my God! How do you say "Get the crap out of the way" in Chinese?!

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