Madame: Marie, my little one, you are going to be as beautiful as your mother. Isn't she, Duchess?

(Duchess meows)

[Toulouse climbs on Edgar's hat, stepping all over his face]

Madame: Careful, Toulouse! You're making it very difficult for Edgar.

[Edgar takes the kitten down and slows down the coach]

Edgar: Whoa, Frou-frou, whoa. Steady, girl.

Madame (getting out of the coach): Thank you, Edgar. [Frou-frou neighs] Oh. Of course, Frou-frou, I almost forgot.

[she gives Frou-frou something which she starts chewing on]

Edgar: Madame, uh-- may I take your parcel, Madame? It really is much too heavy for you, Madame.

Madame: Now, tut-tut, Edgar. Don't fuss over me.


Franklin: It's been a long time since we arrived at Paris, France.

Franklin's dad: That's right, Franklin.

Isabelle: (in Boo's voice) Kitty.

Flora: Aw. The kittens.

[Kittens meanwhile play around Frou-frou's legs.]

Duchess: Berlioz, come back here. Haven't you forgotten something, darling?

Berlioz: Thank you, miss Frou-frou, for letting me ride on your back.

Frou-frou chuckles: You are quite welcome, young man.

Berlioz: How was that, Mama?

Duchess: Very good, darling, that was very nice.

Franklin: Hello.

Duchess: Hi there. What are your names?

Franklin: My name is Franklin. And these are my parents, my granny and my sister, Harriet. 

Bear: I am Bear. 

Beaver: My name is Beaver. 

Snail: I am Snail. 

Goose: I am Goose. 

Fox: I am Fox. 

Rabbit: I'm Rabbit. 

Skunk: I'm Skunk. 

Badger: My name's Badger. 

Raccoon: My name's Raccoon. 

Babar: I am Babar, King of Elephants. 

Rataxes: (like a gentleman) My name is Rataxes. 

Celeste: I am Babar's wife, Celeste. 

Lady Rataxes: (like a gentle lady) And Rataxes' wife, Lady Rataxes. 

Basil: I'm Basil. 

Pom: I'm Pom, and these are my siblings, Flora, Alexander and Isabelle. 

Victor: (like a gentleman) And my name's Victor. 

Klaus: The name's Judge Klaus.

Dany: And I'm his assistant Dany.

Madame from the front door: Come along, Duchess, kittens, come along. Oh, and Edgar, I'm expecting my attorney, Georges Hautecourt. You remember him, of course.

[She leaves and Edgar says for himself:]

Edgar: Of course, Madame. How could anyone forget him?

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