The way Arriving at Ponyville goes in New Cake in Ponyville.

At the Ponyville Train Station.

Gromit: (blows the whistle and stop the train)

Wallace: Here's our stop, Everybody and Everypony.

Marble Cake: Thank you, Wallace, Thanks, Gromit, I'll take it from here.

Wallace: Not a problem, Marble Cake. Watch your step.

Marble Cake: Wow!

In Ponyville.

Marble Cake: Look at this place!

Twilight Sparkle: Hello there!

Marble Cake: Oh, Hi.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you Marble Cake?

Marble Cake: Uh... yes. What's your name?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle, The Princess of Friendship.

Rarity: How do you do, I'm Rarity.

Rainbow Dash: Sup, Names Rainbow Dash!

Pinkie Pie: Hiya, I'm Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy: My names Fluttershy.

Applejack: Howdy doo, Marble Cake, I'm Applejack.

Spike: I'm Spike.

Scootaloo: The name is Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle: And I'm Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom: Apple Bloom.

Shining Armor: I'm Shining Armor, Twilight's older brother and Prince of the Crystal Empire.

Princess Cadance: and I'm Princess Cadance, His wife.

Marble Cake: It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm looking for Sugar Cube Corner.

Pinkie Pie: Just go left then right and that's how you get to Sugar Cube Corner to meet your Aunt and Uncle.

Marble Cake: Thanks, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: You're welcome.


Marble Cake: What the?

Discord: You must be Marble Cake. Are you?

Marble Cake: Discord, How'd you know my name and shouldn't you be causing chaos in Equestria?

Discord: Oh, Heveans no, I've been reformed by Fluttershy and became friends with her along with Twilight and her friends and as proof, I've just made a lot more friends.

Marble Cake: Friends?

Hugo: Man, Talk about a pleasant entrie for a new comer!

Victor: What's your name?

Marble Cake: Marble. Marble Cake. Who are you guys?

Hugo: Name's Hugo, How'd ya do? (shaking Marble Cake's hoof)

Victor: My name is Victor.

Laverne: Laverne, Glad to meet you.

Mushu: Name's Mushu and this here's Cri-Kee.

Cri-Kee: (chirpping)

Jean-Bob: Jean-Bob, at your service.

Puffin: Puffin, reporting for duty.

Speed: Friends call me Speed.

Whizzer: Hello. My name is Whizzer.

Cutter: Name's Cutter.

Jojo: I'm Jojo.

Devon: Name's Devon.

Cornwall: And I'm Cornwall.

Bartok: The name's Bartok.

Zozi: And my name is Zozi.

Marble Cake: Nice to meet you all.

Discord: So, Marble Cake, Off to Sugar Cube Coner I hear.

Marble Cake: Yep, I came to live in Ponyville with my Aunt and Uncle.

Zozi: Sounds great, Marble, I sure hope it goes well.

Marble Cake: Thanks, See ya.

Cornwall: Nice meeting ya, Kid.

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