Here's how arriving at Kevin's birth and gets captured goes in Return to Paradise Falls

[we now see the team journeying across the rocky grounds, as Fluttershy is help Kevin walk]

Brian: I can't believe it, we come here to visit an amazing place only to run into the crazy man that tried to take over Laputa. And to make matters worse, he has Deceptitrains on his side.

Peter: Well, I remember I saw this from the actual movie, it was cool!

Skyla: You know, this place isn't exactally how I imagined it to be.

Brian: How?

Skyla: It's kinda more wild than it sounds. And I never expected it to be like a forest.

Brian: That's how I felt.

Skyla: Cool.

[then we hear Kevin's chicks calling]

Kevin: [calls back]

Spongebob: Look! We're almost here!

[They see Kevin's birth]

Kevin: [calls out as she starts limping towards it]

[then we see Kevin's chicks race out]

Kevin: [squawking]

[the chicks then nuzzle Kevin]

[Then there was a light]

Skyla: [gasps] Kevin, run!

[but then a net flies out and traps Kevin and her chicks!]

Sheeta: Oh, no!

[Kevin and her chicks try to escape but the net gets caught on a rock!]

Brian: Oh, my God! [he activates his lightsaber and is about to cut them loose when]

Muska: [fires] Get away from them!

Brian: Sheeta, run!

[Sheeta races off but Muska grabs her by her pigtail]

Sheeta: Ah!

Muska: Well, well, well, looks like we caught a little princess.

Brian: Let her go!

[but then another net flies out, but on our heroes!]

Brian: [gasps]

Sylveon: Brian, help!

Brian: Sylveon!

[we 2 Deceptitrains take them away]

Muska: Come on, let's get ready for my return to the mainland!

Skyla: Let them go! Stop! KEVIN!!!!!!

[as they leave Brian kicks a rock]

Brian: SYLVEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nyx: I can't believe that just happened!

Tiger: Yeah!

Twilight: Now what'll we do?

Fluttershy: Uh, panic?

Rainbow: That's your answer for everything!

Applejack: well, we can't just let Muska git' away with Kevin, Sheeta, and Sylveon!

Pinkie: They'll be captured!

Twilight; They already were captured!

Brian: [starts walking] Come on.

Skyla: Where you going?

Brian: To Paradise Falls, we might be able to come up with a plan easier from there.

[they set off for the falls]

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