This is how the team arrive back in town and how the villains' defeat goes in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets.

[Skiff is now approaching the city limits]

Vinnie Terrio: we're almost home!

Pepper Clark: [rings the bell] Okay Russel, slow us down!

Russel Ferguson: Right away! [he then start to crank but then the handle gets stuck!] Huh? [tries to crank but the lever won't budge] It's not working! It's stuck!

Zoe Trent: OH NO!!

[the villains are close by]

Sunil Nevla: what are we gonna do?!

Penny Ling: We need another idea!

Vinnie Terrio: And we better come up with one quick, we're headed for the sea! [points ahead]

[we see the tracks are leading to the sea]

Ming-Ming: This is sewious!

Skiff: Dun, dun, duuuun!!!

Pepper Clark: Do we have anymore of those beams?

Penny Ling: There aren't anymore! That was the only one!

Tuck: Is there anything else you can throw?

Minka Mark: I believe there is something! [grabs 2 bananas, then starts peeling them]

Pepper Clark: Have you lost your mind?! This is no time for a snack!

Minka Mark: [finishes eating the bananas] Oh yeah? Watch this! [throws the peels on the tracks]

[then when the villains' engine goes over them, the wheels slip on the peels]

Silver Spoon: We're losing speed!

Diamond Tiara: That stupid monkey!

Minka Mark: SPIDER MONKEY!!!

Diamond Tiara: Whatever!

Pepper Clark: [gasp] Guys! We're almost to the sea!

[We see the end of the dock!]

Russel Ferguson: [tries the brake again] And I still can't throw the brakes on!

Sunil Nevla: Never mind the brake, the bad guys are still behind us!

TucK: Look, there's another switch lever ahead!

Penny Ling: Good eye, Tuck! I always wanted to say that!

Vinnie Terrio: Sunil, try and hit the switch!

Sunil Nevla: Me?! Why Me?!

Zoe Trent: Because you're closest to the bow!

Sunil Nevla: [gulps] [he picks up one of the snubnosed revolvers] (to himself) Come on, Sunil. Make this shot! [cocks revolver, then aims very carfeully, and fires]

[the bullet hits the switch lever and skiff goes onto the other line]

Sunil Nevla: I.. I did it!

Tuck: Great!

Diamond Tiara: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The villains' engine then races by and then starts to head for the sea]

Brittany and Whittany: Oh, no!

Cashmere and Velvet: [hug each other in fear]

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{Russel then gets the lever unstuck]

Russel Ferguson: I've got the lever unstuck!

Zoe Trent: Then would you kindly, STOP THIS BOAT?!

Russel Ferguson: Okay! [cranks the brakes on]

[the van's brakes come on with a scream and slowly Skiff starts to slow down]

Pepper Clark: [biting her nails]

Penny Ling: [does the same]

Russel Ferguson: [grunts as he continues cranking the handle]

[He strain and strained]

[then Skiff stops just a few inches from the sea]

Sunil Nevla: [sighs as he falls to his knees]

Pepper Clark: We did it!

[the villains then swim up to the surface]

Cashmere: [shivering] C-c-c-c-c cold!

Velvet: Yeah!

Brittany: Just great!

Whittany: No where are we, huh?!

Diamond Tiara; [shivering] Besides the fact, we're in freezing cold water. I don't see anyway else to go!

Silver Spoon: [fixes her glasses] [shivering] Yeah!

[then Captain pulls up with the Police onboard]

Officer #1: Hello, hello, hello.

Diamond Tiara: Oh, no!

Brittany: Officers, we're inoccent!

Officer #2: Tell that to the judge.

Whittany: Please! We're telling the truth! You've got the wrong gals!

Cashmere; This is not good.

Velvet: Yeah.

Minka Mark: Well, those freaks won't be bothering us for a while!

[the pets are all laugh]

[the group are now back at The Littlest Pet Shop]

Sunil Nevla: What a day!

Linny: Thanks for helping us.

Ming-Ming: We thought we'd never get out!

Pepper Clark: Are you kiddin'? You guys are our heroes!

Penny Ling: Yeah

Zoe Trent: we really adore you guys alot!

Russel Ferguson: We've watched almost all the episodes of your TV series and we own a lot of merchandise!

Minka Mark: We always wanted to be Wonder Pets ourselves!

Vinnie Terrio: But this adventure, is like a dream come true!

Ming-Ming: Weally?

Sunil Nevla: Yep!

Linny: Well, wonder Pets, let's head back to our suite. We have a convention to attend tommorow!

TucK: But there's one thing I must do first. [he then hugs all of the LPS pets] Thank you, for helping us.

Linny: Let's go Wonder Pets.

[they then head back to their suite]

Zoe Trent: Tuck hugged us! [faints]

Penny Ling: I can't believe it! Tuck of the Wonder Pets hugged us! This is the greatest day of my life!

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah!

Pepper Clark: But there's something I don't understand. Vinnie you said you found that box, so how did it get there? It wasn't on Skiff before we left.

Russell Ferguson: That is an interesting question.

Penny Ling: Wait a minute, Mucker, you said you had Skiff prepared.

[everyone looks at Mucker]

Mucker: If, you're implying I put that box of compact firearms in Skiff, just because I had a feeling you'd being needing them, you're wrong. It was Blythe!

Blythe Baxter: I was worried for you guys, so I didn't wanna take any chances.

Minka Mark: Thanks. It really helped.

[they all head back into the shop]

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