Here is how Yuna and her friends arrived in the Animal Kingdom in Princess Yuna's Adventure Begins.

The next day.

Princess Sharon: Is everypony ready?

Princess Yuna: All set.

Mickey Mouse: Goodbye, Yuna. And Good luck.

The Night Express takes off on another Disney location.

Flik: Well, Here we are. Home Sweet home

Princess Atta: Animal Kingdom is our old home. Now, we live with you.

Dot: And we're here for you.

Arachna: You're all the good friends I've ever had.

Manny: Yes, We'll always be together at any circumstances.

Gypsy: Indeed we will, Manny.

Vanessa: This is when I've first met Flik when I've worked in P.T.'s Circus with my parents.

Arachna: Really?

P.T. Flea: That's right.

Heimlich: We'll sleep in our old home no to far from here.

Francis: There's plenty of room for you and Dragonsly, You can explore anytime, And you'll have own jeep and boat for it.

Slim: It will be a wonderful opportunity for the two of you.

Rosie: And for your friends too.

Dim: Always room for ponies.

Molt: We'll have a great time here the Animal Kingdom, And there are lots of animals to... (slapped by P.T.) Shutting up.

Arachna: (sheds a tear) You guys are the most wonderful friends two Pegasi could ever had!

Tuck: Awwww!

Roll: Rendben (translates "It's alright" in Hungarian)

Barry B. Benson: So, Dragonsly. Are you and your sis up for it?

Dragonsly: You bet, Barry!

The Night Express arrives at the Animal Kingdom train station.

Station PA: Welcome to Animal Kingdom.

The foals got out of the train.

Princess Yuna: Wow! Amazing!

Fillmore: Hey, Yuna. Which way is the hotel, man?

Rainbow Charka: Yeah, Is it like not too far from here?

Princess Yuna: Look.

Armor Bride: We made it!

Scander: High Hooves!

Princess Skyla: (high hooves with her sisters)

Sally Carrera: Alright, Let's go check ourselves in.

Flo: Oh, I can hardly wait to spend a night in The Animal Kingdom Resort!

Ramone: Me either, Baby.

Princess Yuna: Look over there!

The foals enters the village. They could see animals are living in the circle of life.

Hugo: This is amazing!

Rita the Fox: I wish my mom, brothers and sisters heard about this.

Hugo: Just like being in my jungle.

Sweetie Heart: Amazing.

Britney Sweet: Hey, Look, Skyla!

Princess Skyla: Baloo! Let's go see him!

Baloo: (washing his SeaDuck) There, all clean, girl. (kisses his plane)

Princess Yuna: Baloo!

Baloo: Hey! Great to see you kids!

Prince Edmond: Wow! It sure is great to see old friends.

Sunbeam: Let's go exploring!

Adam: Yeah, Lets.

In the jungle, Arachna, Dragonsly, Flik and their friends ended up around the jungle.

Arachna: It's a jungle out here.

Flik: Yep, But it's home.

Dot: I wonder who we'll meet out here.

Slim: I thought so too.

Gypsy: Let's keep going.

Vanessa: And make sure that no harm will come to anyone or anypony.

Barry B. Benson: Yeah, I'm with ya, Vanessa.

Gypsy: Arachna, Do you still have a few shrinking potions you borrowed from Yuna?

Arachna: Uh huh. (drinking the potion and shrunk) This is fun.

Manny: And Zoc? Do you still carry plenty more growth potions for her?

Zoc: Sure thing.

Hova: That's what friends are for.

Arachna: Thank you, Zoc. Thank you, Hova.

Dragonsly: Hey, Guys! Here comes our jungle friends!

Arachna: Oh my gosh! (drinks the growth potion and grew back to normal) I sure can't wait to see them.

Then, Simba and their friends and families came.

Timon: It's our friends from the Pride Lands.

Pumbaa: And Bagheera, Baloo and the others too!

Simba: Hey, Yuna! Great to see you!

Shenzi: Princess Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Shenzi, Banzai and Ed!

Ed: (laughs)

Armor Bride: Why are they here?

Princess Skyla: I thought they're evil.

Marie: They're not going to hurt us, Are they?

Nala: It's okay, Marie. They're friends now.

Banzai: Yeah, Sorry about trying to eat you foals.

Shenzi: We hope there's no hard feelings.

Ed: (blabbered asking for friendship)

Timon: Oh, We get what you mean.

Iago: We just wanna make you kids feel welcome here.

Lucky Penny: Really?

Zazu: Yes.

Lucky Horseshoe: Well, What're we waiting for?

Princess Yuna: Let's go exploring the Pride Lands.

Snowdrop: At least, no villains around here. Right?

Uncle Max: Oh come on, Snowdrop! What can possibly go wrong?

Ma: I have bad feeling about this.

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