Here's how arriving at Canterlot and meeting the Magic School Bus gang in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

Sharon: Santa!

Barret Barricade: He won't be here till 5 days, sweet heart.

Princess Celestia: But it's good to see you in Christmas spirit, sweetie. [nuzzles her]

Sharon: [giggles]

Barret Barricade: And everyone else will be here soon.

Yuna: Family?

Princess Luna: Yes, I am your "Mama". Can you say it?

Yuna: Maaaaama!

Hiro: That's it, now say "Papa".

Yuna: Papa!

Princess Luna: You did it!

Yuna: Mama! Papa! Mama Papa!

Cadance: Now, Skyla. This is Mommy, [points to Shining Armor], and this is your Daddy.

Skyla: [struggles to say either one] Mommy?

Cadance: That's it! You got it!

Skyla; D..d...d...d.Daddy.

Cadance: Yes! Shining! Skyla said "daddy'!

[but Shining Armor doesn't answer]

Cadance: Shining Armor?

Shining Armor: Huh? Oh, kiddo you said my name!

Skyla: [giggles]

Cadance: Shining, is something on your mind?

Shining Armor: Uh, well. [sighs] I'm just a little worried.

Cadance: Worried? About what?

Shining Armor: Nyx is coming here.

Cadance: Why should you worry about her?

Shining Armor: What if she helps the Sith come back?

Cadance: You seriously think she'll try to brong the Sith here? On Christmas season?

Shining Armor: She is, honey. I don't want her to play with Skyla either!

Cadance: Shiny! That's not the kind of auditude to have on the Christmas season! And I want you to atleast try to interact with Nyx while she's here, okay?

Shining Armor: Okay.

Cadance: Good.

Shining Armor: But, you do look lovely on the Christmas season.

Cadance: Shiny.

[The 2 kiss]

C-3PO: Miss Cadance! Shining Armor!

Shining Armor: [as Anakin Skywalker] Oh, no! 3PO.

C-3PO: Miss Cadance, Shining Armor! Where can they be? Miss.. [gets pulled back] Please don't damage me, I'm only a droid!

Shining Armor: No one's gonna hurt you 3PO.

C-3PO: Oh, Miss Cadance, Shining Armor, and little Skyla. I've been looking all over for you.

Shining Armor: You look diffrent, 3PO.

C-3PO: Oh, it must be this disguise!

Belle: No 3PO. It's your gold plating.

Cadance: Gold plating?!

C-3PO: Yes. One Crystal Empire Protocal droid must be highly sperm this time of year.

Shining Armor: Let's see it.

[C-3PO then takes his cloth off]

Skyla: 3PO!

C-3PO: No, Skyla. "C-3PO".

Skyla: 3PO!

C-3PO: C-3PO!

Skyla: 3PO!

C-3PO: Skyla! My name begins with the letter "C"! It's "C-3PO"!

Skyla: [begins crying]

C-3PO: Oh dear! I'm terribley sorry, Miss Cadance and Shining Armor! I'll be leaving.

Cadance: [holds him back] 3PO, she just got confused about your name!

C-3PO: True, but I shouldn't have yelled like that.

Cadance: [rubs Skyla's back with her wing] There, there, sweetie. Shh. There, there.

Skyla: [stops]

Cadance: Now Skyla, please say 3PO's name right.

Skyla: C.....3PO!

C-3PO: Yes. That's it!

[Then R2 rolls up to Sharon]

Sharon: R2!

R2: [beeping. Starts tickling her]

Sharon: [giggling]

[Whistle outside]

Barret Barricade: They're hear!

[Outside, steam hisses and everyone hops out]

Thomas: Here we are, Canterlot.

James: Looking fine and regal as ever since the Sith insident. No offence, Nyx.

Nyx: None taken.

Percy: And no other bad dragons around here either.

Henry: Not one.

Thomas: Let's go.

[they then set off for the Sparkle's household to meet with Twi's parents.]

[as they go through a tunnel they start to head through the market place]

???: Hey guys!

Sweetie Belle: Huh?

Apple Bloom: Wha? Wait! Stop!

[the engines stop]

???: Over here! On the loading platform!

[There was a school bus and some kids standing next to it.]

Nyx: A school bus?

Scootaloo: It's not just any school bus.

Sweetie Belle: It's the Magic School Bus!

Apple Bloom: And the gang's all here too!

Ms. Frizzle: Of course. It's another chance to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

Apple Bloom: Mrs. Frizzle!

[the Crusaders head up to the loading platform to greet them, as Blythe hops off her motor scooter]

Ralphie: Hi, guys!

Wanda: It's been forever since we've seen any on you!

Scootaloo: Likewise.

Blythe: What brings you here?

Tim: We're here for Christmas.

Carlos: Yeah, you could say we came here for Equine-mas! Get it? Equine-mas? [chuckles]

Everyone: Carlos!

Sweetie Belle: And we wanna introduce you to someone.

Wanda: Who?

Nyx: [steps forward]

Apple Bloom: Guys, this is Nyx. Our new meber of the Crusaders.

Minka Mark: And the one who single handedly defeated Darth Maglus!

Carolos: Don't you mean single "hoofedly"? Get it, single hoofedly? [laughs]

Everyoner: Carlos!

[Everyone laughs]

Thomas: Well, we better be off now.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah, it's good to see you guys again.

Arnold: Yeah, see you later.

[they hop back on thew engines and continue their way to the Sparkle's household.]

[On their way down we see someone watching our heroes through a telescope]

[But then he is shaken a little]

Man: Easy Skiff!

[we then see he's onboard a small boat]

Skiff: Sorry!

Man: [looks through telescope]

[the team soon reach the Sparkle's household]

Twilight; We're here!

[Night Light and Twilight Velvet step out]

Night Light: Here they are!

Twilight: Mom, Dad!

[they share a hug]

Twilight Velvet: Twilight, honey! It's good to see you!

Night Light: And Thomas. too. How is your branchline?

Thomas: Running like clockwork as always!

Night Light: [to Spike] And how is my daughter’s number one assistant?

Spike: Good.

Twilight: This is someone you should meet.

{Nyx nerviously steps forward]

Twilight: Dad, this is Nyx. Nyx, this is your grandfather, Night Light. And your grandmother, Twilight Velvet.

Night Light: Nyx, what's this behind your ear? [he pulls a Christmas cookie out of nowhere]

Nyx: Huh?! How'd you do that?

Night Light: I'm magic.

Nyx: [eats the cookie] This is good.

Night Light: Thanks.

Twilight Velvet; It's getting late, I bet you're tired from your journey.

Twilight: And from fighting more dragons.

Night Light: Oh, those dragons.

Nyx: Oh, I ment to ask you, I saw that the book on dragons had nothing on a dragon called a "Night Fury" why is that?

Twilight Velvet: Oooh, The Night Fury is one of the most dangerous dragons ever!

Nyx: It's that bad?

Rainbow: Yeah! No one's ever seen a Night Fury and lived to tell the tale about it.

Scootaloo: But I wish at least one of us could just see one.

Nyx: Well, what do Night Furies look like?

Twilight: Well, they often come in Black or a really dark blue, and they have big green eyes. And that's all we know about. Nothing more. (yawns) Let's get some shut eye.

[they then go to turn in for the night.]

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