Here's how arriving at the Jedi Temple and Chris' arrival at Coruscant goes in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[It screen wipes to the next scene, where the Canterlot Starfighter flies towards Earth]

[Then a senator appears at a screen]

Senator: Princess Celestia. Thank goodness you're alright, the senate wants Queen Novo right away.

Queen Novo: I'll be there.

Senator: We'll be expecting you.

[The screen cuts off]

Barret Barricade: It could be a trap.

Brian: I don't think so. Whomever's behind this won't be able to take control of several star systems without keeping the whole Senate intact.

Princess Luna: Well, if there is a session going on at the Senate, then it will be easier for us to get to the Jedi Temple.

[we sideswipe outside Coruscant, where we see Chris' Starfighter flying into the Atmostphere as it lands at the old Senator Office]

Chris: [puts on his hood] Stay with the ship, BB-8. This won't take long.

BB-8: [beeps in worry as Chris walks in]

[inside Sidious' old hideout, several mouse droids then roll in as Chris then walks in]

Suri Polomare: Welcome, Lord Griffin. We've been expecting you.

Chris: I bet you have. [Chris then ignites his saber (which again makes the sound of a Sith's Lightsaber) and then uses the Force to shut all doors and the windows as we see only his eyes from under his hood]

[we then sideswipe back to The Jedi Temple, where we see our heroes fighting the turned Clone Equines, as all of them are killed]

Princess Luna: All these Traitors are now taken care of. [extinguishes her Lightsaber]

[Soon, they examine the temple]

Fluttershy: Not even the younglings survived.

Penny Ling: Poor younglings. So young, and so full of life. All wasted by Blasters.

Princess Luna: That's just it, these youngling were not killed by Clones, they were killed by a Lightsaber.

Judy Hopps: What? [takes a closer look as she turns over one of the bodies as we see a Lightsaber wound]

Cleveland: Who could've done this dark deed?

[we then see Chris killing the other villains and the Changlings in the room as they try to fight back but are overwhelmed and killed.]

[Soon we see Queen Novo with the senate]

Queen Novo: So, all the Jedi have been killed.

Cloth figure: That's right. And that's were you'll be my Inquisitor. [the cloth reveals Ernie]

Ernie: Novo!

Queen Novo: Ernie?!

[Then she gets knocked out]

Sideshow Bob: How's it going queenie? It's been forever! [laughs evilly]

[It then cuts back to Chris, and he corners Queen Chrysalis after a duel then Force Chokes Chrysalis as she lifts upward, choking]

Queen Chrysalis: (choking) What are you doing? The war is over!

Chris: It's my war now.

[He force pulls her in and impales her and she dies]

Chris: [extinguishes his Lightsaber, as he then walks away as we see his eyes haven taken on a Sith Red]