This is were John, Tonto, and our heroes arrive at Rebeeca's place and find carnage in Ed, Edd, n Eddy Meet The Lone Ranger.

[Tonto and John ride up to the burnt house on Silver as our hereos follow]

[John Reid inspects the house and finds a photograph]

John: Indian savages!

Tonto: Was not Indian.

John: The heck it wasn't.

Tonto: Indians make trade. [takes out a feather and flashes it in front his crow]

Tonto: [places the feather down on the man]

John: I said leave him alone! [he walks up to Tonto but is thrown onto the ground as Tonto holds his dagger over his neck]

Tonto: Indian is like coyote.

Tonto: Tell me, kembosabe, what does the white man kill for?


John Reid: [picks up a Remington revolver]

[inside the barn]

Frank: Shhhhhh. This one's nice, ain't it? I love me some aquamarine.

[door opens]

Frank: [yelps]

[the woman runs out]

Frank: This ain't what it looks like, mister. I just like them pretty things.

John Reid: Rebbeca and Danny. Where are they? You tell me where they are, or I'll let the indian do what he wants with you.

Frank: What does he want to do?

Tonto: [shows a duck foot]

[then they hear a scream and a gunshot]

Frank: [runs off and jumps out a window]

Barrat: What the heck is going on?

Frank: There's a Ranger.

Jesus: What are you talking about?

Frank: He got some lunatic indian with him. He was going to violate with a duck foot. He even has Rattlesnake Jake with him!

Barrat: [shoots down a lantern in the barn] Shoot anything that comes out. [tosses Frank a coachgun]

[they start throwing torches inside the barn and one flies through the window]

Tonto: Go for horse, kemosable. [takes out his dagger] I cover you.

Tonto: He's been to the other side, Spirit Walker cannot be killed.

John Reid: Alright. But we take him alive. [walks up to the window and holds out his badge] Texas Ranger! Put down your weapons and step out with you heads up!

[Frank, Barrat, and Jesus all fire]

John Reid: [grunting]

John Reid: It's dark!

Tonto: Spirit walker.

Frank: See! What did i tell you?

Barrat: Go around back.

Jesus: What's with the mask?

Tonto: [tries to open the door]


[then they hear hoofbeats on the roof]

Tonto: [looks up a chimney and sees Silver]

John Reid: What is it?

[they open the hatch on the roof and found Silver on the roof]

John Reid: So, the horse, it can fly?

Tonto: Don't be stupid.

[Silver winnies and jumps off the roof and on the ground, while the engines burst through the back wall]

John Reid: Hold it right there. Rebecca and Danny, where are they?

Barrat: Comache don't take prisoners. 

Jesus: Just the scalpes. [chuckles] 

Barrat: Isn't that right, boy?

Jesus: [drops drink]

John Reid: [cocks gun]

Tonto: I will take the Spanard. [takes out his dagger]

John Reid: I haven't fired a gun in nine years.

[Jesus is about to draw his gun when Tonto throws his dagger and it lodges in his arm]

Jesus: AAH! AAH!

John Reid: [fires the gun, the bullet knocks the gun out of Barrat's grip, hits a shovel, goes through Tonto's crow, hits the weather vane, and then a cuts a rope hlding a beam up]

[the beam falls down and lands on Barrat and Jesus' heads, killing them]

Frank: [watches the whole thing and then runs off]

Tonto: Great shot!

John Reid: That was suppose to be a warning shot.

Tonto: In that case, not so good.

John Reid: [sees his crow]

Tonto: [notices John staring] What?

John Reid: Nothing.

[they walk up to the dead bodies]

Tonto: [picks up a necklace and speaks in Native]

John Reid: That was my brother's.

Tonto: Comache. Very sacred. [places the duck foot on Jesus]

Tonto: Tracks lead north, toward indian country.

John: That's 400 square miles of rock and desert. Evan an Indian can't track throught that.

Tonto: We follow horse, kemosable.  

John Reid: "Kemosa..." Why do you keep calling me that?

Tonto: [fixes his crow's head] "Wrong brother".

John Reid: Right.

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