Here is how Arthur and Cecil fillynapped Baby Emerald in Emerald's Grand Day Out.

Arthur and Cecil arrived in the Carousel Boutique and got their disguises ready.

Arthur: How do I look, Cec?

Cecil: Hmm, Not bad, Artie. Do you think Rarity will suspect us in this?

Arthur: Nonesence, Cecil. Our disguises are perfect. (knocks on the door)

Rarity: Yes?

Arthur: Greetings, M'Lady. We're here to take pictures of your little bundle of joy.

Cecil: And we're from the baby photograph company.

Rarity: Well, I didn't expect you two instead of the Dover Boys. But if you insist.

Later inside, Arthur and Cecil prepared the smoke bombs on the fake camera.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Arthur: Smile!

Cecil: Watch the Ducky!

The smoke bombs exploed into a foglike smoke as Arthur and Cecil took off with Emerald.

Rarity: (coughs) What kind of camera is....? (notice that Emerald is out of site) Oh no! It can't be! She isn't! (faints)

Sylvia came downstairs as soon as she did.

Sylvia Marpole: Rarity! What happened?! (notice Emerald's disappearance and gasps) Oh no!

Then, The Dover Boys, Tom, Dick and Larry came as Rarity is about to awake.

Tom: Hello, Rarity. Sorry we're late.

Dick: I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long.

Larry: Is your baby ready for her picture taking?

Rarity faints again.

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