Arthur and Slender Man is another special in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


It was Autumn on the Island of Sodor. Leaves were falling, and our heroes are visiting the island. But one night, Murdoch tells Arthur about Slender Man. And that he will come when mist is lying on the ground, an ambler lamp will be seen on a tree branch, and will hear a sound of chains clanking. But Arthur doesn't believe him. But on his way home, there was mist, an ambler lamb on a tree branch, and were chains clanking. Arthur might think Murdoch might be right once he sees a strange figure!


Our heroes arrival/Murdoch's story

One bright autum morning, our heroes have traveled to the Island of Sodor for Halloween Party thrown by Sir Topham Hatt. And Thomas and Toby give the others a ride on Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta. And they arrived at Knapford Station where it was being decorated. It looked splendid. Then, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the foals met Murdoch and Arthur. And Arthur was taking a goods train to Maithwaite Station. But Murdoch decided to tell them a Halloween story, where the foals listen carefully. And Murdoch tells them the story of Slender Man. He starts out by saying that a little girl onced lived on Sodor and was playing at her friends' house, and his father calls her friends parents that she needed to get home. But she left only a half hour ago but has not came home. So he deiced to go look for her. It was getting dark out and was walking in the woods, looking and listening. Then the forest floor was covered in mist, then he saw an ambler lamp, then he herd chains clanking. Then he saw him, Slender Man! He was holding his daughter's clothes in his hands! And then, he went crazy and sent to a crazy asylum and was question by the police. Then thy were killed by an unknown person. And he states that Slender Man has been caught on camera many times, but has never been found. And warns them about the 3 signs of his approach, or he'll get his next victim. Which frightens Skyla, but Arthur didn't believe in Murdoch and calls it "silly". And he puffs away with his goods train. And after he delivered his load to the station, he was thinking about Murdoch's story. But he then claims that there's no such thing as Slender Man. And then he set off for home.

Arthur's sight

But however on Arthur's way, he was wrong. There was mist on the ground, then he sees an ambler lamb hanging from a tree branch, and his drives explains that it means "proceed with caution". And he crept slowly forward, then he suddenly stops and hears... the sound of Wchains clanking. His driver was surprise, and he shouted "Who's there?!" but no answer. Arthur thinks Murdoch might be playing a joke on Arthur, and yells out to tell him to stop. But there was only one single track ahead of him. Then, Arthur, and his driver see a strange figure up ahead. It was a tall skinny man, with a black suit, and was faceless! Arthur shouted "IT'S SLENDER MAN!!!" and he claimed that Murdoch was right, and he steamed away as fast as he could!

The next morning/Arthur tells the others

Next night/Murdoch's sight




  1. Thomas and the Magic Railroad - Main Title (for the opening sequence)
  2. Sinister - Portrait of Mr. Boogie (when Arthur travels home by night)