This is how Ascension goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.



Megatron: That trickery with Trypticon was quite devious for an Autobot and a pony...much less a Prime and Princess.

Optimus Prime: Megatron! Come down here and end this farce.

Twilight Sparkle: That's right! Fight us!

Megatron: In due time. First, I would like you two to assist me with an experiment.

Megatron: I will rip the Matrix from you with my bare hands!

Optimus Prime: You want the Matrix? Take it!

[Optimus Prime fires a beam from the Matrix, which Megatron dodges and opens his chest and fires a beam from the Dark Spark. The beams push each other back then Optimus Prime moves forward then a blast sends them flying to walls and knocking out Twilight in the process. Outside the Dark Spark is launched into space]

Shockwave: Lord Megatron!

[Shockwave brings Megatron to the medic bay]

Jazz: Optimus, Twilight, come in! Are you there, Optimus and Twilight? Roger me! Wilco me! Hello. Hello, Prime and Princess?!

Optimus Prime: Twilight and I are here, Jazz. Order the remaining Autobot forces to regroup at Iacon. Our struggle, and all our hopes, now hinge on the Ark. The Dark Spark is no longer an obstacle to us leaving Cybertron.

[The Dark Spark is in orbit above Cybertron]

Optimus Prime: (voice) Though I fear its terrible presence will yet be felt elsewhere.

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