(Opens on Adventure Team HQ, where the jet zooms out of the hangar, when Ash starts narrating)

Ash (Narrating): I'm Ash from Pallet Town. My dream is to become a Pokémon Master. Ash: This is my partner, Pikachu!

Pikachu: PIKA! All: Let's all go search for Pokémon with full force!

(Alola!! begins playing)

♪There's no time to stand here waiting when adventure is soon See the sun that shines so brightly and the glow of the moon
There are Pokemon all around, waiting to be found
(All right! All right! Yeah-yeah-yeah!)

Sometimes things are shocking but I'll never call quits
Looking here and there and everywhere, I'm psyched up to bits
Going on and on and on and on, I wonder how much fun we'll fall upon

In the heat of battle I will always choose you  (In the heat of battle I will always choose you) We will catch 'em all and battle them too  (We will catch 'em all and battle them too) (Let's go!)

Feeling hotter than the golden sun We will never stop until this battle's won (Hey!) Victory is right within our sight Bathing us in silvery moonlight (Yeah-yeah-yeah)

Lets charge our energy (Oh oh) Come on and join me Shout just as loud as can be, Alola!! ♪

(Song ends)

(Fade into Mountain HQ, where the Adventure Team is studying a green rock, which fell on Waffle's head, while playing Alolan golf)

Brock: SO this fell on your head?

Waffle: Yep.

(A slug-like creature slips into the rock, much to the shock of our heroes,)

(The rock grows scales.)

Rocky: THAT'S downright impossible!

Bullwinkle: It's a slugrock!


(Mr. Blik chunks rock towards Bullwinkle)

Rocky: MR. BLIK!

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