Ash's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is an upcoming sequel to Ash's Adventures of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie by BrerDanielMovie93. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Darkwing Duck's Enemies, Negaduck, Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack, And Liquidator and A sinister alien pirate named Divatox hatches a plan to release her fiance Maligore from the island Muranthias on Earth. To get to the island, she needs to kidnap a wizard named Lerigot from the planet Liaria, and use his magical key. Luckily for Lerigot, he evades capture and flees to Earth, where he seeks Ash and his friends and the Power Rangers.

The Rangers are practicing for a martial arts tournament. Rocky makes a wrong move and ends up throwing out his back. While visiting him at the hospital, a young friend of the Rangers named Justin discovers the Rangers' identity.

Zordon summons the Rangers to protect Lerigot. Armed with Power Boxes, Tommy and Kat rescue Lerigot from the African wilderness, but they end up losing him to Divatox later on. Divatox takes the wizard to Muranthias along with other captives - Bulk, Skull, Jason, Kimberly, and Lerigot's wife Yara and child Betel.

Before taking off after Divatox, the Rangers are given new powers by Zordon and Alpha, which makes them Turbo Rangers. They are joined by Justin, who takes Rocky's place as the Blue Turbo Ranger. The Rangers sail on a ship to get to island Muranthias. During the journey, they face the Putra Pods, creatures sent by Divatox to stop the Rangers from reaching the island. When Divatox arrives on the island along with her crew - Elgar, Rygog and an army of Piranhatrons - she sacrifices Jason and Kimberly to Maligore's fire.

The Rangers reach the temple to find their friends turned evil by Maligore's flames. The team battle Jason, Kimberly, and the rest of Divatox's forces as Maligore arises from the fiery pit. Lerigot restores Jason and Kimberly, and the Rangers fight Maligore with their Power Weapons. The Rangers flee, and Maligore grows into a giant. The Rangers call on the Turbozords and form the Turbo Megazord, with which they destroy Maligore.

The Rangers save the day just in time to win the martial arts competition, with Jason taking Rocky's place in the competition and Justin replacing Rocky as the Blue Ranger, as an infuriated Divatox swears vengeance on the heroes.


  • The Crime Empire will guest star in this film.
  • Ash Ketchum and his friends will meet Jason Lee Scott for the first time.
  • Due to brief language and content, Divatox will say "heck's bells" instead of "hell's bells" and some violent images will be censored and blood bits will be removed.

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