Ash's Adventures of Why, Charlie Brown, Why? is an upcoming Pokémon/Peanuts special made by N/A.


Ash and his friends meet Charlie Brown and Linus' school friend Janice, who had just moved into the neighborhood. However, Janice ended up going home due to having a fever. Few weeks later, Ash, his friends, Charlie Brown, and Linus went to the hospital to check up on Janice and learned that she has leukemia, a cancer to the blood cells and bone marrow. They even learned that she's under chemotherapy. Ash and his friends must think of a way to help Janice get through chemotherapy and help her recover from cancer.


  • During Janice's chemotherapy at the hospital, Ash and his friends formed a fundraiser to help support Janice in her recovery.
  • This special will pay a tribute to Delaney Brown. The little girl who got her caroling wish fulfilled by thousands of people in Reading, PA and died on Christmas morning in 2013.

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