This is the scene where Ash has a nightmare goes in The Rise of Omega 09.

(Later that night, we see Ash and Pikachu are sleeping as everything fades to black until we see Ash is all alone in the strange looking jungle that looks dark and spooky)

Ash Ketchum: Where am I? Hello. Pikachu. Tino. Guys.

(He walks away trying to find the others, until later he made it to the river that is red)

Ash Ketchum: Hello! (Then he sees dead body of dinosaurs) What the? Eww! What's all this?!

(Suddenly he hears a growling noise out of nowhere)

Ash Ketchum: What was that?

(Then a growling noise was heard again)

Ash Ketchum: Who's there. Show yourself.

(Then a pair of red eyes appears behind and stare at Ash as he turns his head around to see red eyes and as it growls softly as Ash slowly back away then the silhouette reveal itself was the massive Tyrannosaurus Rex much bigger than other T-Rex roars and makes Ash runs for his live and then chases after him)

Ash Ketchum: Somebody help me! That thing is going to eat me!

(As the Omega 09 keeps chasing Ash he trips over and he looks to see he got stuck on a branch that was tangling his feet)

Ash Ketchum: Oh, no! (He tries to get the branch off) Come on!

(Then he manage to break free and continue running from Omega 09. Later Ash ended getting to a dead end with no way out)

Ash Ketchum: I'm trapped!

(Then the Omega 09 appears and then slowly reaches it head to Ash and then roars and then opens it's mouth)

Ash Ketchum: NOOOOOO!!!!!

(Then Ash opens his eyes and then he breaths to calm down and looks everywhere to see only his room)

Ash Ketchum: Man, what a nightmare. That was most scariest dream I've ever had.

(Pikachu wakes up)

Ash Ketchum: Oh, sorry, Pikachu did I wake you?

Pikachu: Pika, pikachu. Pikachu.

Ash Ketchum: I had the most horrifying dream ever, buddy. I don't know what that thing is. Let's go back to sleep. Good night.

(Ash and Pikachu goes back to lie down back to bed and close their eyes going back to sleep)

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